Friday, August 4, 2017

Should You Run or Rest?

I slept last night! Maybe I should just talk about my sleep problems more often and I'll sleep better. It's probably more because I was really really tired. But that meant that I woke up early and went out for a run. 2 1/2 miles easy pace to start my day. The hope is that this will start happening more often again so that I can gain more mileage and speed.  But I also need to listen to my body and take it easy when I'm not feeling 100%.

My tomatoes are on and ripening finally, so I added some to my eggs this morning for breakfast. 

When I got cleaned up and ready for the day I learned/remembered something. After having kids my hair started to get a little curly (I've always wanted naturally curly hair. I used to perm it just so I could have that look.) and when it's short, it will hold the curl better. So I did my hair like this today and it made me really happy that it stayed. Also, know that I totally understand that this isn't really that curly, it's barely wavey, but for someone who grew up with really terrible natural hair look, this is a big and exciting improvement haha. 

We went to Costco and did some grocery shopping and then came home for lunch.  When I don't know what else to eat, I usually fall back on granola with yogurt. Today I felt like I needed to add just a little something to it though, so I cut up some fresh strawberries and it was even better than I thought it would be. 

Then J went birthday shopping with my mom and M and V decided to use me as a jungle gym for a while before V's nap. 


I want to talk a little bit today about those times when we wonder if we should run or take a day off. I think most days that we do this, it's almost always better to just bite the bullet and run. But there are times when it's more beneficial to take the off day. So when are off days a better idea? 

Are you injured? Take the time off! Don't push yourself. If you want to workout, cross train, do low impact but don't run.   

Are you sick?  This one can be tricky to know if a run is better or worse for you. Here's a good rule of thumb to help you: a run will help sickness above the throat, but below is never a good idea to run on. If you have a fever, stay home. If you're throwing up, have chest congestion, a cough or swollen glands, it's better to rest. If you have a cold, sinus congestion, even a headache, then it's fine to run, it can sometimes even help.

How much sleep did you get the night before? Sleep depends on the person. For me, I need to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night to feel my best and to feel like I can do well on a run. But if you haven't slept well or you feel completely exhausted it's probably better to rest so that you don't run your body down. 

Are you just feeling lazy? Probably should go for a run, even if it's a short one, it will help you feel better and more productive. The saying "A body in motion stays in motion" comes to mind a lot for times like these. 

Are you burned out? When you know you should run and don't want to because it sounds like way more work than it normally is to run and it feels more like a chore than something you love, you might be approaching a burnout and it would probably be a better idea to rest for a day.  Go do something that does sound fun to you for the day instead. Don't try to make a habit out of it, but it's ok to take breaks in you running schedule even if you're not injured or sick.  Sometimes a break for a day or two will save you from burn out or injury and help you improve your running game. 

Is your hair naturally straight or curly?

How do you decide whether to run or rest?

What is your favorite way to cross train?

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