Thursday, August 31, 2017

Adding Distance to Your Route

To start today's post out, here's a collage of picture M took with my phone that she thought were real important for everyone to see.

While we waited for her to get home, (she was really restless that last half hour), we painted her nails 

She was so excited for J to get home from school yesterday, she insisted on doing her homework with her while she had her after school snack (chips and bean dip). 

When we dropped J off at the bus for school this morning we had a lazy morning planned, but I got a call from my dad's office saying they had a cancellation for a cleaning. One perk of being a dentist's daughter is that you're continually on the cancellation list and when they can't fill it I get in :) It had been far too long anyway, and I was due for a cleaning. V was all about riding in the chair and exploring everything.

M wasn't so sure about getting her teeth cleaned today, normally this isn't something she's nervous about but today she needed some encouragement. So while we were waiting for her turn, we took some pictures and talked about how J will see her pretty teeth and just think it is so neat she got to get her teeth cleaned. She was ok to do it after that, and, like usual, she loved it. 

After the cleaning, we met my sister at the park for a picnic before her kids went to school. Right now they are replacing all the wood chips at this park so they had a huge pile in the parking lot. The kids were more excited to play on that than on the play ground. 


Have you ever started out on a run and either realized that you were scheduled to do a longer run than you did, or felt good enough you wanted to add more mileage on? Or maybe you're new at running or trying to get back in shape and need to start adding miles onto your runs (I talk about that HERE). I've had this happen off and on, especially when I'm running somewhere new or while on vacation or something like that and when it's a situation like that it's not always easy to add mileage on.  So today I thought I'd share some of my favorite ways to add an extra mile or so on to a run when you're already running.

- Running the perimeter of your course is always longer than weaving in and out of streets.  When you want to add mileage on to your run, make sure you're running on the outside side of your route. Whether you're running in a neighborhood or a park or even on a trail, hugging the outside will change the distance of your run by a little bit, or even by a quarter mile depending on the kind of run it is. 

- The simplest way is just to add on another block or keep going for one more mile if you're going on a trail.  Adding mileage to a speed run is also super simple, just add another interval on.

- Running loops make it easy to add miles on, especially if you're in a new area where you don't want to get lost.  Find an easy half mile or mile loop, close to where you're staying, that you can repeat as many times as you need and not worry about getting lost or making sure you're in a safe area. 

-There are some great apps that can help you plan out your route before you start your run. My favorite one is called footpath. I like using this app because not only can I plan my route ahead of time, but after I finish a run and I'm not sure how far I went, I can map it on that app to check the distance. 

One of my favorite things about running is how flexible it is for everybody. There are so many ways you can go about running, any distance, time of day, all depends on you and what you are wanting to do. Adding miles to your run can seem hard sometimes but it really is super easy to do. 

Are you scared of the dentist?

Do you have a favorite running or distance tracking app?

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