Thursday, August 31, 2017

Adding Distance to Your Route

To start today's post out, here's a collage of picture M took with my phone that she thought were real important for everyone to see.

While we waited for her to get home, (she was really restless that last half hour), we painted her nails 

She was so excited for J to get home from school yesterday, she insisted on doing her homework with her while she had her after school snack (chips and bean dip). 

When we dropped J off at the bus for school this morning we had a lazy morning planned, but I got a call from my dad's office saying they had a cancellation for a cleaning. One perk of being a dentist's daughter is that you're continually on the cancellation list and when they can't fill it I get in :) It had been far too long anyway, and I was due for a cleaning. V was all about riding in the chair and exploring everything.

M wasn't so sure about getting her teeth cleaned today, normally this isn't something she's nervous about but today she needed some encouragement. So while we were waiting for her turn, we took some pictures and talked about how J will see her pretty teeth and just think it is so neat she got to get her teeth cleaned. She was ok to do it after that, and, like usual, she loved it. 

After the cleaning, we met my sister at the park for a picnic before her kids went to school. Right now they are replacing all the wood chips at this park so they had a huge pile in the parking lot. The kids were more excited to play on that than on the play ground. 


Have you ever started out on a run and either realized that you were scheduled to do a longer run than you did, or felt good enough you wanted to add more mileage on? Or maybe you're new at running or trying to get back in shape and need to start adding miles onto your runs (I talk about that HERE). I've had this happen off and on, especially when I'm running somewhere new or while on vacation or something like that and when it's a situation like that it's not always easy to add mileage on.  So today I thought I'd share some of my favorite ways to add an extra mile or so on to a run when you're already running.

- Running the perimeter of your course is always longer than weaving in and out of streets.  When you want to add mileage on to your run, make sure you're running on the outside side of your route. Whether you're running in a neighborhood or a park or even on a trail, hugging the outside will change the distance of your run by a little bit, or even by a quarter mile depending on the kind of run it is. 

- The simplest way is just to add on another block or keep going for one more mile if you're going on a trail.  Adding mileage to a speed run is also super simple, just add another interval on.

- Running loops make it easy to add miles on, especially if you're in a new area where you don't want to get lost.  Find an easy half mile or mile loop, close to where you're staying, that you can repeat as many times as you need and not worry about getting lost or making sure you're in a safe area. 

-There are some great apps that can help you plan out your route before you start your run. My favorite one is called footpath. I like using this app because not only can I plan my route ahead of time, but after I finish a run and I'm not sure how far I went, I can map it on that app to check the distance. 

One of my favorite things about running is how flexible it is for everybody. There are so many ways you can go about running, any distance, time of day, all depends on you and what you are wanting to do. Adding miles to your run can seem hard sometimes but it really is super easy to do. 

Are you scared of the dentist?

Do you have a favorite running or distance tracking app?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Having The Mindset of a Beginner

Remember that speed/weights workout I was supposed to do yesterday? didn't happen. I ate WAY too much at dinner last night. Like I was really full for a couple of hours after eating and I didn't go running because I was sure it would all come back up.  So this morning I got up and did a speed workout on the treadmill. 2.6 miles total to start off my day. Then the rest of the morning was spent trying to get chores done and playing on the floor. This boy gave me a run for my money today. Every time I tried to clean something up, he got two more things out. I finally had to lock myself in the bathroom, while he and M played with their piano and guitar, in order to clean the bathroom without little hands "helping"

We did a lot of book reading too. I can't say we read books because we only read one book over and over. This is one of V's favorite books and we read it a lot.  This gave M some alone time with out V bugging her because he was in full tormenting mode this morning. And, even if I get tired of reading the same book for an hour straight, it's good mommy-V time and I can feel good that reading a book to this boy is helping him learn and something I know he loves to do.

Anytime we need to go somewhere it takes us probably 15 minutes to find everyone's shoes. Mostly V's shoes because the girls are old enough to find their own shoes. This kid will not keep them on. If I put one shoe on while I look for the other, that shoe is off when I go to put the other shoe on. Yesterday I just gave up and took him to the store without shoes so we could be back in time for a nap. I later found the shoe under a pile of his toys when we were getting ready to go to dinner. 

M has been having a real hard time with J gone all day. It was a big reason I did not want summer to be over! She asks about once every hour (or more) if J is coming home yet. I love that they are good friends. I just wish there was another little friend around all the time for her to play with because I love this girl with all my heart, but I don't love the constant whining that she wants J home. Some one get this girl in school! One more week.


So, have you ever gotten the feeling, while doing something you've been doing for years, that you're still new at it? I have been getting this feeling a lot lately with running. I'm not a marathon runner, I don't even have a super fast 5k (something I'm working on) and even though I've been doing this for 2/3 of my life, I still feel like a beginner at it. Usually, this thought or feeling makes me a little self-conscious or inadequate in (especially as I blog about running and other things that I still feel like a beginner at--motherhood).  But I've been noticing a lot of other blogs that talk about just this thing. 

Having a beginner mindset means that you're willing to accept the mistakes you make and learn from them instead of blaming it on something that you don't have control over. Like the weather or the time of day or the location etc. Making mistakes is a part of the journey and if we didn't make them, we would never grow. When you're new at running (or at anything else) you have the tendency to say "I had a bad race. Next time I'm going to prepare differently... Next time I'll learn from this and come back better."

Being a beginner means you are willing to take someone else's word for it once in a while. Sometimes you get stuck in a routine that may not really be working for you but you don't know what else to do. Or you can't figure out why you're not improving or what you could be doing better. When we have the mindset that we know everything because we've been doing something for so long, we close the door to improvement for ourselves because we aren't willing to take someone else's advice.  When you're new at something, you're usually looking for a way to learn more and to improve in your new hobby.  

While I'm not a new runner, I try to keep my mindset as a newer runner because it helps keep you humble and it helps you be more flexible in your running abilities. Being a beginner may not last forever, but sometimes the feeling of being a beginner--the mindset of a beginner, is better than someone who feels like they have learned everything there is to know about something. It's that humbling moment of a hard run, a slow (for you) race, someone who has a faster time running with you, those things that keep us grounded and help us remember that there's always room for learning and improvement. 

What is something you've been doing a while but still feel like a beginner at?

What makes you feel like a newbie again?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

When Will Running Get Fun?

Monday morning started with laundry and getting J out the door for school.  We had a lot of things going on in the morning. Once J was out the door, I got to work folding some clothes, and before too long I could hear M calling for me. V had climbed up onto J's top bunk...This kid is definitely all boy and a busy boy at that. It wasn't much longer than that when I heard him down emptying the utensil drawer again, and then he started on the folded clothes. Mischief. He's pretty cute and sweet though.

V had his well check today and while we were in the waiting room he played really well in this little play house. And then they called us back to our room. While we waited in there (the Dr had several emergencies this morning and got a little behind) he didn't wait so patiently. Lucky for us, I happened to have a few snacks to keep in occupied for a little while. 

When we finally got done at the Dr.'s we went home for lunch and then we headed to the grocery store because we had NOTHING in our house. V was pretty tired by the time we got done and he wasn't even excited about the smarties that the store was giving out but M was.  That's the highlight of running errands for her. 

We came home, put V down for a nap and waited around for a little bit until J was out of school. 

I have a speed/weights workout scheduled tonight, we will see how that goes after going to dinner with my parents. 


I've had people ask me basically my whole life how I could think running is fun, or people who I'm helping to get into running as when it will get fun. Well, running is only going to be fun when you decided to make it fun, or want to make it fun, anyway.  Honestly up until the last several years, running wasn't fun for me. The actual running part wasn't fun for me at all, it was the feeling after running, that feeling of complete exhaustion...or almost an empty feeling for me that kept me going. (I've never been good at explaining that particular feeling, and empty is one word that keeps coming to mind just because I feel like I've run every stress out of my body and everything feels clear again). But a couple of years ago, I decided that I really do like to run, not just to feel relieved of stress and stuff like that. Running became fun for me.Runners high is something that keeps people enjoying their run for sure, but getting to the point where you feel that runners high can be hard when you're just starting out.  So to keep you going until you hit that point, sometimes you have to make your run fun for you. Here are a few ways to do that.

Find a good podcast, book on tape, or your favorite music to run to.  Now and then the biggest problem with our run is that our brain gets bored and starts to think about how much you hate to run. When you run with some music or a book on tape or something like that to entertain your mind it helps you push through those hard miles. It also gives you something to enjoy and look forward to while you run. Another little trick with this is, if you're listening to a podcast or a book on tape, only let yourself listen to it if you are running. That way you have some motivation to get out and do your run in the first place.

A friend makes a big difference in running. I've said it a lot before, but I'm saying it again, having a good running buddy can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having fun on a run.  A couple of years ago I had a small group of moms who wanted to run, we all went a moderate pace and were able to have our alone time and visit with each other while we ran. It made me enjoy that time more because it gave me some time to be around other moms without our kids.  

When I start to feel bored, one way I make it fun again is finding different routes or running a route backwards to mix things up. Seeing new sites --even if they are in the same neighborhood or place that you normally run-- helps in making your run more enjoyable. 

Find some obstacles. This is not something I do, or that I'm good at doing, but it would definitely help make things more exciting to have to figure out how to get over passed some kind of obstacle while running. Find a fence (not on someone's private property) to jump or climb over, find a row of trees to weave in and out through. Start thinking of objects as obstacles to get over.

If you're running on the treadmill and need to spice things up, change the speed and incline ever couple of minutes.  You can also race yourself in some intervals, or watch a movie or favorite TV show to keep you entertained. 

Switch up the type of run you do. It always helps me, when I'm bored of running, to do a different speed workout or to add some extra hills into my run. Lately I've been doing more tempo runs to help me stay excited and focused about on my run. 

To me one of the most fun parts of running, is seeing my improvements. And improvements only happen when you keep working at it.  It's good to take some breaks when you're feeling burned out, but don't quit out of boredom. 

What is your busiest day of the week?

How do you make running fun again when you start to feel bored?

Do you have a favorite podcast or book on tape?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Birthday Shopping Weekend

Hello, happy Monday. I don't know why but Mondays have always been a good day for me.  I think as a kid it was because it was my mom's day to drive carpool and as I got older, it just became a day for me to get a lot of stuff done. It's probably my most productive day. That also means it's one of the most tiring days. Anyway, I hope you're having a great Monday and that you had a great weekend. Here's a few things from our weekend.

It started out with dropping J off and then going on a walk around the block on Friday.  The walk, even though I had told M several times that it wouldn't turn into park time, it did turn into park time. And we enjoyed the park time for an hour before V found a snail and tried to eat it. Then it was time to go. I hate that summer is winding down, but we are enjoying the cooler morning weather so that we can take our time heading home every now and then.

It was my birthday, so my mom and sister and I went shopping at the outlets near us. I'm pretty sure that 90% of the clothes that I have are around 8-10 years old and what I have gotten since have either been hand-me-downs or cheap so they get worn out quickly.  I really needed some new shirts. So I went and got some great deals on some that will hopefully last me a while because clearly I don't like spending money on clothes...I wish I did a little bit more, but I don't.

While I was enjoying my shopping time, Trevon took the kids to a little pioneer village in our town. And he sent me this picture of the kids all dressed up. They had a real fun time with Daddy playing at a play place and going to the village.

We had a family dinner on Sunday since my nephew's birthday is the day before mine. We had our own special birthday party with the whole family.  My dad made his delicious grilled chicken tacos. I ate mine too fast to share a picture but they were amazing! Then we just sat around and visited while the kids played.  Trevon took V on a little chair ride (acting like the chair was an airplane) and he thought it was amazing.

So here's to my last year in my 20's. I better make it a good one!

Are you a good clothes shopper?

How old is the oldest article of clothing that you have in your closet right now?

What are 3 things you did this weekend?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Weekly Round Up

Hello again, You've probably noticed some changes on here by now. I have been thinking a lot about buying a domain name for this space and I finally did it! Everything will be the same as far as content goes with a new look and a new name.  Thanks for reading guys, I really appreciate it and love that I can share the things that I love here. And now, it's time for our weekly round up!

Monday: What went on in our family over the weekend. 

Tuesday: We got to watch the eclipse and since it's birthday week for me, I shared some birthday freebies.

Wednesday: I'm working on getting back down to my 5k PR but it takes baby steps. I shared my new running goals with you. 

Thursday: One of my favorite kinds of runs to go on is a run in the rain. Here are my tips for running in the rain if you don't like it as much as I do. 

Friday: Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is setting safe boundaries for my kids.

What are your favorite kinds of posts to read?

Friday, August 25, 2017

Setting Boundaries For You and For Your Kids

I did an at home workout yesterday while M and V played together. It involved a lot of breaks to help them with things, but it got done.

Then we spent the morning doing puzzles and putting silverware back to where it's supposed to be. (V has a thing for taking movies, utensils, toothbrushes, and combs out and carrying them around the house).

While J was at school, and I was folding laundry, V reached clear up on the counter and pulled J's little frog planter down and broke it, then he tried to eat the pieces. This kid is definitely my busiest kid.  Hopefully she won't be too heartbroken because I'm not sure where my mom got this years ago.

We spent the afternoon with cousins and spending some time in the pool. Summer is ending, and I think everyone is a little sad about that.


Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is setting personal boundaries for yourself and for your kids. When I was going to therapy, this was something that my counselor and I talked about a lot. Not just to keep yourself safe physically, but to also protect yourself emotionally and mentally.  I think a lot of this ends up happening with out us knowing that we are doing it. This happens automatically for me when I first meet someone. My wall goes up (especially if I feel threatened or like something is off) and it takes some time and work to get that wall to go down.  But when I get that wall to come down, I'm good until something happens where I feel like I can't trust someone again.

Teaching your kids how to trust someone is tricky when you struggle with trusting people yourself. I know this from experience. When my kids started getting new friends and I'm not feeling safe about them playing at the friend's house, or if I don't know their parents, I usually say they can play at our house or in our front yard so that I can see them. That way they can make new friends and I can have a piece of mind until I get to know the parents.

I was thinking about this while I was on my run the other day, and thinking about how I want my kids to be able to trust people (because I clearly have trust issues) and I want them to make friends, but I also want them to be safe, and smart.  One thing that I think is a big help with this is programs like RADKids. J took Radkids last year as an afterschool program. Rad kids is a holistic empowerment program that teaches kids how to be safe. And not only that, but why they deserve to be safe: because they are important. "I wear a seatbelt in the car because I'm important, and seat belts keep me safe", "I can tell a stranger 'no' because I'm important and they can't hurt me"...That kind of thing. I think that it's great because not only are they learning how to defend themselves and keep themselves safe, but they also learn that they are important and that they matter.

I think a big part of teaching kids about good boundaries with other people is teaching them that they deserve to be treated well and by showing them that you respect them, and also respect yourself. Kids learn so much by example. They learn their health habits, eating habits, productivity habits etc all from example, so why would this be anything different. Learning how to treat yourself right and keep your self-safe physically, emotionally, and mentally will help your children learn how to make sure that they set healthy boundaries for them too.

I also think a lot of setting boundaries is instinct. Trust yourself when you feel like something isn't right. Trust your child when they feel distressed or scared or anxious about a person or a situation. While a lot of learning is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, but you can usually tell when something is wrong VS when something is hard. Trust your instincts with these things.

A lot of parenting is trial and error, and most of the time I'm not sure if I'm doing any of it right. But I feel like if I can give my kids a way to create themselves some good boundaries, I know that they will be a little safer and stronger.

Are you ready for fall?

How do you set good boundaries for yourself and your kids?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Running In The Rain

While I was feeding V today, he decided to rub food all over his hair. It's bath night for sure now! He thought it was super funny, as you can see.

We ran some errands in the morning and then, after lunch, we went up to my mom's house and let V nap while I picked J up from school. She read to my mom until we had to leave for her parent teacher conferences. This kid. I don't know where she came from, but she is the smartest 1st grader I've ever met. She picks up on things so fast! And when we are reading for homework I'm always surprised that she knows most of the words. 

M did puzzles while we went. 

When we got home, I found the kids in the pantry. It seems like they are STARVING as soon as we get done with school. Does this happen to everyone? I remember being hungry after school, but I have to lock the pantry door to keep them out every 10 minutes! 


Last night I went out for my run and it started to rain. I LOVE running in the rain, especially summer rain. I live in the desert, so running in the rain doesn't happen all that often and I'm almost always excited when it does (unless it's cold and rainy, then it's not as fun). Some people have a hard time running in the rain though, so I thought I'd share a few of my own running-in-the-rain tips.

1. Plan Accordingly.  Watch the news, check the weather on your phone or just look out the window to see what the weather is going to be like.  It really does make such a difference when you're prepared for the right weather.  If it's going to be rainy, it's best to make sure you have good traction on your shoes, or run somewhere that has good traction on the ground (trail running, grass running etc...)

2. Dress accordingly. Like I said, I live in the desert, so in the summer time when it's rainy, it's warm rain and I can still wear my normal running gear (tank top and shorts).  But when it's cold and rainy, it's a little harder to enjoy unless you're dressed accordingly.  I don't like running in long sleeves, or even pants, all that often. But when it's colder out, I usually start by changing shorts to pants and then if it's still cold, I layer the top half.

3. Find the fun in it. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason, I love running in the rain. It could be that it's not so hot, or that just the fact that when I get back, I can't tell what is sweat and what is rain.

4. If it's dark and rainy, make sure to wear bright colors and run under the street lights so that cars and other people can see you.  This is smart running anytime in the dark. I need to get some new, brighter running clothes because most of mine are dark colors.

5. Smile. Like I said before, a smile can make your run even better. And it's been proven to help you do better on your run. So smile, because it makes things more fun. (As a completely unrelated tangent, I used to have a shirt that said "Smile, it confuses people on it." and I thought it was so funny).

What is your favorite weather to run in?

What was your favorite subject in school?
    Mine was Engish

Ok, guys, this is some big news! It's something I've been debating on for a long time, but I finally decided to go ahead and buy a domain name for this blog. You will find the exact same content that I've always posted on here, the only difference is that there will be a different name, domain name and the look of the blog will look a tiny bit different.  I'll be making the changes this coming weekend. So be on the look out! 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Running Goal

Today started out great with this for breakfast. When we were first married, Trevon used to make a really good breakfast sandwich with bagels, cream cheese, sausage, cheese and an egg. I made a small version of that for breakfast today with toast with butter instead of a bagel. It was really delicious but the bagel and cream cheese are better.

We are hoping to hold on to summer as long as possible, so we spent some time this morning outside after we dropped J off at the bus.  We didn't last a really long time though because it was hot! And V is really determined to run out in the road lately. 

We had some lunch and I made some more granola. It's been a while since I made it, but this batch was probably the best batch I've made yet. I have no idea what I did differently though. So hopefully it just keeps getting this good. I figured granola might make a good add on to J's lunch. She's our picky eater so finding things that are sack lunch friendly to take gets tricky. 

V went down for a nap and then M and I decided to go back outside. She chose to play baseball. Not my choice of sport (obviously) but it was fun to watch her try to hit the ball. 


Last night I went to my parent's house while the kids were in bed to get my workout in.  It was weights night, but when I got there I decided to add some speed work in too. By the time I was done with my speed workout, I was dripping in sweat. I don't think I have ever sweat so much in my life!

I've heard that the more you sweat, the better in shape you are...I'm not sure if that's really true, but I'm going to believe that for now.  

I signed up for a race for next month and I have a goal to make for that race. I'm starting to think it might not happen. Time to ramp up the positive thinking and the speed workouts and hopefully that will help me come out close to where I want to be. I have a big goal to get to an 18 minute 5k (That's huge for me), but I feel like, in order to meet that big goal, I need to break it up into smaller goals. My PR right now is a 22:22 (That's not super fast for someone who has been running for as long as I have, but that's where I'm at).  Right now I'm also not meeting that PR time very regularly and so I'm making small goals to reach that point. Baby steps, any progress counts. 

It's important to make big goals, but it's also important for you to make smaller goals part of your plan so that you won't get discouraged and feel like you're not making progress when you go after that big goal. 

Are you a big sweater or do you hardly sweat at all?

What are your goals right now?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We Watched the Eclipse and Some Birthday Freebies For You

Monday morning was all about chores, as usual. Mondays end up being very busy with laundry, grocery shopping, and church stuff (I work with the kids in our church and a lot of organizing/assigning etc happens on Mondays) things can get pretty busy.  While I was folding laundry, V found the stroller open after taking J to the bus stop and he climbed in and didn't want to get out.

We went to the store and V felt pretty big that he got to sit with M in the "car" part of the cart. We did our shopping fast so we could get home and watch the eclipse.  On our way out of the store, a nice guy was watching it in the parking lot and asked us if we wanted to borrow his glasses to see. So we did for a second!

As I'm sure everyone else reading this got to witness the eclipse, we had a fun time watching it. Trevon got to watch it at work, and J got to watch it at school so M and I did a little eclipse party of our own.  Since we were lame and didn't buy any glasses, we decided to see how many things we could find that would work to see it in the shadow. The first was a pin whole box but it didn't work. So we grabbed the colander and it did work, really well!

M wasn't hugely impressed until I showed her that there were a lot of things you could use to make moon shapes like this. Then she was grabbing everything to try. This bath toy was fun because it looked like a bug. 

I used my phone really quick to get a shot. You can see the eclipse in the reflexion.  

We also noticed that if you made a small pin hole with your hand you could see a moon shape in the shadows. you could also see it in the leaves shadows and with V's shoe. I let the kids play outside for a while and I visited with the neighbors.

Then we headed inside to make lunch and M found these "moons" on the floor in the kitchen. Then we headed back outside to have a picnic in our backyard. 

Tonight is my strength training workout!  I think I'll do something similar to last week's choose your own adventure workout that I did. Plus a little speed work. But we will see what actually ends up happening with that. 

It's birthday week for me. That means I have some freebies to collect :)! I don't have a huge list of freebies for you like some bloggers do, but here are a few that I usually get (I get an email with a coupon from these places and it's a good reminder for me...we will see how many I'll be able to use). 

Cold Stone Creamery is a really great ice cream place around us, and for your birthday they will send you a coupon for a buy one get one free ice cream. You just have to go to the website and sign up for their Eclub 

I wish I still had a Ritas near me, but at some point (when I wasn't looking) they moved. But if you have a Rita's Italian Ice near you, it makes a great birthday treat. They will also email you a coupon when you go to their website and sign up for their birthday club. Obviously, I won't be using this one this year. 

This year I got an email from Chili's for a free dessert. I'm not sure how I got this one. I don't really remember signing up for this but I'm sure at some point I did. 

Jamba Juice sent me a nice birthday email with a coupon for a free smoothie. Just go sign up on their page and sign up for their insider's rewards

One of my favorites that I get is from Honey Baked Ham. You get a free ham sandwich on a croissant and it's delicious and takes care of lunch for me for a day. The only down side to this (and some of the other ones) is that they don't have a drive-through so the chances of me just getting something for me are slim when I have kids to bring around with me. But, go sign up for their email list and the other ones and treat yourself on your birthday! 

Did you get to see the eclipse?

Who has an August birthday?

Anyone have any good birthday freebies I should know about?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Weekend Randomness

Hello, again. How was everyone's weekend?  Ours was fun and relaxing. It seems like some weekends are so packed full that they don't feel much like a break or a weekend, but this one was just what we needed after the first week of school. This week was hard on M since J was gone most of the day. It will be really good to get her in preschool so that she doesn't feel like she just has to sit and wait around for J and all of their neighbor friends to get home.

On summer nights we like to mix things up by eating outside. My back yard is one of my favorite things about our house. We grilled some hamburgers and had some fruit.

Friday started out with a 5.5-mile run and the rest of the day was a lot of playing with M (and V). I'll admit that it was kind of exhausting.  First, we played squinkies. I don't know if any of you have seen these, but we got them second hand from someone who was just throwing a whole bunch of toys away. They ended up being M's favorite thing. There are only a few things that are bad about that.

1. you can't really find these anymore except on Ebay.
2. V likes to put them in his mouth.

But she loves them and so we play them a lot.

After playing with just about every toy she has, and reading just about every book we have to V, it was lunch time and then they wanted to go to the park. So we spent a few minutes over there, but it was too hot to play on any of the slides or swings. One of the downsides to the park next to us is that there is NO shade. So we didn't stay long before waiting in the shade at the bus stop for J to get home. She did all of her homework and was off again, this time with her grandma to go birthday shopping. M was ok with that as long as we played some more. So we watched a movie and had a special treat (a milkshake).

When Trevon got home from work, we went on a walk and V wanted to hold my hand the whole way. Anytime little buddy. 

I saw this little test online over the weekend. If you want to see how much sleep you've lost being a parent, you can go HERE. 14 months guys.  I need some sleep! If only you could get that back, right?

So hows that for a whole lot of weekend randomness? 

What is something random from your weekend?

What was your favorite toy as a kid?