Thursday, July 6, 2017

Yesterday Things

J is really into muffins lately, so yesterday started out with muffin making.  I just use the Jiffy box of muffin mix because they are super fast and easy for the kids to help with.

We got our errands ran, including a costco run. We try to go when they are just getting their samples out because that's our favorite part.  They had their garlic butter out for samples and the girls wanted to eat the entire grilled cheese sandwich they made. Luckily we have some garlic butter at home so we can make it anytime.

Lunch was corn dogs and smoothies. This smoothie was an It's-Starting-to-go-bad smoothies. So we use all the fruit that is getting too ripe for it.  Strawberries, raspberries, a nectarine, and half a banana. I also sneaked in some carrots because J won't eat veggies that she knows she's eating.

While V was napping and the girls watched a movie, I got busy on some camper stuff. We want to reupholster our cushions so they aren't this gross brown color.  So I started doing some research on different upholstery options.  I would just make them, but I'm not that good of a seamstress yet.  

J had been complaining that her ear hurts off and on for a few weeks now. So I decided to just take her to get it checked. No fever, not sick, no other symptoms...I didn't want to take the time and energy to take her in. But I did. And her ears were perfectly fine. I have a strong suspicion that her ear ache was more of an excuse to go see the doctor. She's really into doctors lately and has said she wants to be a doctor when she grows up for the last year or so.  Oh well, at least we know now. 

I had an extra off day this week.  My long run was scheduled for yesterday, but with it being 100 degrees here, I thought I'd better not try it. So instead we worked more on the camper. We are getting close! Just the last few things left and Kit will be ready to go!

How hot it is where you're at?

Anyone ever fake a sickness just to go to the Dr for fun?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

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