Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What I Like About Speed Workouts and Our Day

Sometimes when V wakes up and I'm busy the girls will go in and play with him for a little while until I can get him out. Yesterday they decided to throw all the balls in his crib and play in there with him.

After his nap, we all went up to my parent's house to pick up some stuff for the camper. When we got there, my mom was outside and V refused to stand up and walk inside with out her. 

I didn't end up running last night because we were doing some of the finishing touches on the camper. So I got up this morning and did a speed workout. I didn't want to drive to the track or do it inside, so I mapped out a quarter mile loop around my neighborhood to do intervals around. I use the Footpath app on my iphone to track new runs. 2x400 and 4x800 at 95%.  It's always amazing to me how such a quick/short workout can make me so tired later in the day. 

When I got home, 2 of the 3 kiddos were awake. While I was getting V dressed  I noticed a rash starting. You'd think that after 3 kids I'd have this parenting thing down, but they keep you guessing. Luckily I have a brother whos an awesome doctor and I texted him this picture. Turns out this it's a rash that comes at the end of whatever he's had the last few days.  

The rest of the morning was spent relaxing around the house. That means the kids ran around making messes while I followed them around trying to clean up the messes (can you tell with all the crazy hair?).  Finally, they decided to get their Little Passports stuff out and that got them all to settle down for a few minutes.  Little Passports is a great program for summer time to help exercise their minds a little bit. I had a picture of them all playing with it, but it wasn't a good picture so I decided not to use it. But V was pretty sure that the whole point of the map was to sit right in the middle of it. He is sitting on America, and wearing his flag shirt so... maybe he has the right idea. 

After lunch, we decided to make some cookies for payment to my sister for babysitting (tonight's date night). These are my mom's chocolate chip cookies and they are the best.


Going back to my speed workout today. I wanted to share what I like about doing speed workouts with you today. 

In high school, speed workouts were my least favorite thing to do. I hated Tuesdays because Tuesday was speed day.  We would either do intervals, fartleks, Indian runs or we would play games (yep, hated that one, too).  I hated them because I really struggled with holding on to my speed till the very end. My body seemed to try to slow down earlier than my brain did. And I would get really frustrated doing speed workouts because I didn't see how they were helping. 

  • Speed workouts are a really good mental exercise as well as physical. Now when I do speed workouts and I can feel my legs slowing down and my body pulling back, I start pumping my arms faster and tell my self over and over to hold on until the end.  It strengthens my endurance when I give myself the practice to hold on to a faster pace as long as possible.

  • Adding speed workouts into your workout schedule gives you variety.  Not only does it add another option for a run (hills, easy, short, long...) but there are also so many different speed workouts you can choose from to mix things up. 

  • You get the chance to take breaks during speed workouts. Most times when we run, we don't stop to walk or stretch or take breaks all that much.  But when you do intervals or other speed workouts, it's part of the workout to stop and walk or take a break for a little while in between intervals.
  • Speed workouts help your body get used to race pace. We try not to push ourselves full out all the time. That tends to lead to injury, but once in a while doing a speed workout helps your body remember where you need to be on race day. 

So next time you feel the need to mix up your running routine or need to practice your race pace or have a mental challenge in your workout, give a speed workout a try and see what it does for you! 

What is your favorite cookie?

Do you have a favorite kind of workout?

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  1. I like chocolate chip cookies, girl scout thin mints and samoas. My favorite exercise is putting the cookie to my mouth...Haha, just kidding. I like kick boxing.