Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Highlights

Here are a few things from our weekend.

After a couple days of the stomach bug making its way through our house, V was extra ready to get out of the house and wander around.  Luckily, M, V and I made it through the pukes without any of us puking.  Poor J and Trevon were not well.

Once they were feeling like they had a little more energy and could keep stuff down we decided to all get some fresh air and take a family walk.  

On Saturday we had some errands to run and on the way home, we decided to pick up a movie to watch together.  The girls hadn't seen the live action Jungle Book yet so we picked that one. They liked it way more than I expected them to.

On Sunday we went to visit some friends and meet their new baby after church.  The kids jumped on the trampoline while we sat and visited and I got to snuggle their little one. 

Then there was a really great sunset and I had to stop to take some pictures. Part of me wishes that I could always have my nice camera ready for things like this, but after having to carry around a diaper bag that has a thousand things in it, adding a camera to that doesn't sound so fun right now. 


Let's talk about running a little bit. This weekend's runs were tough on me. I'm really not sure what the deal was.  My chest felt tight, and my legs felt heavy.  I went out for a run on Friday morning and turned around to finish my run at a mile and a half. The whole time I kept thinking about how much I was hating it. 

Saturday's run was better. It wasn't great, but it was better.  I took it easy and just focused on my breathing (because my lungs still felt a little tight) and finishing at least 3 miles. I run past a massage therapy school on a lot of my runs, and the last little while when I run past I can smell all their essential oils.  I'm never sure if it's a good thing.  I feel like I have some work to do before September, for sure. But I know that if I focus and make sure to get my runs in, I'll be able to do good on the race. 

What was your weekend Highlights?

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