Friday, July 28, 2017

Treadmill Running Vs Outdoor Running

 Last night we had a family outing to Toys R Us because J's birthday is coming up quick! And we needed to get some gift ideas. Right now she's into everything Belle/Beauty and the Beast.  

After browsing all the toys, we decided to go get a little treat for all of us.  This was the kids first time trying Cold Stone and I think it was a pretty big hit. J was beyond excited that you could get Kit Kats in your ice cream, and M went for sprinkles. Trev and I went with my usual cheesecake ice cream with Heath bar mixed in. We tried to take a picture of us all enjoying it....clearly, we need to work on our selfy skills. 

After the kids went to bed, Trevon and I watched the second Planet of the Apes.  I never thought of myself as picky when it came to movies because I'm a big movie lover, but the last two movies that have been suggested to us have just been OK instead of the "best" movie we have been promised. It ended up that I didn't get to bed until 11 so this morning's 6:30 (That's not even all that early) wake up call for my run wasn't very easy to listen to. I had a real hard time getting up to do my speed workout, but I did it. And then I laid down and stretched on my floor for a while. 

It wasn't long before V came to join me. The quality of the camera on my phone is clearly outstanding. I need to start using my real camera again.

We got done running errands and doing chores and suddenly this little thing was sick. It's always a little tricky figuring out if J is sick for real because she throws up a lot.... Like, A LOT. So when she threw up twice in an hour, I knew she was really sick and got her in the bath and back in jammies for the rest of the day. It's always hard to be sick, but it's worse when it's summer time and one kid gets sick while the others can still play. (And making sure everyone else stays healthy). *Please bless no one else gets it!* 


I did my workout on a treadmill this morning, and when ever I go from running regularly outside, to running on a treadmill (and vice-versa) I notice all the differences in the two. 

When I'm running a lot on the treadmill, and then I start running outside, the first few days of outside running makes me really sore. I think this happens because running on the treadmill gives a little cushion to your step. While running outside, there is no give in your step.  The ground is the ground with no springs under it (which is one reason it's best to run on softer surfaces, like grass and dirt, rather than on cement or asphalt).

It's so much harder for me to find the motivation to run on a treadmill no matter what weather it is outside.  I'm so glad that the treadmill is there as an option, but it really is so much harder for me not to just push the stop button out of boredom.  Running outside tends to keep my mind busy. Which brings me to my next point.

Running on a treadmill, I noticed that I only think about my run. I don't think about anything else except how much further until I'm done.  

The treadmill has good things about it too, though.  Like how when I run on a treadmill I usually run faster because the speed keeps my legs moving instead of my brain telling me that my legs should slow down. 

It's a little easier for me to focus on pace on a treadmill, so when I do need to do pace workouts, I do them better on a treadmill than outside.  I've never been a good pacer...this is something I need to work on. I normally just run the pace that my body feels like running. I don't normally focus on the pace I'm going otherwise.

It is also really nice to be able to go inside and take a break from the heat (or cold) and watch some TV or a movie while running. 

There are a lot of pros and cons to both.. I'm sure you all have more than I can think of!

Do you prefer a treadmill vs outside running?


As a sidenote- there are going to be some big changes to the blog coming soon, and I'll share more as it gets a little closer.
Have a great day!

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