Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Things I Notice When I Don't Workout

Hello, everyone!

Summer has all of us being a little lazier in the mornings (it also has our house a lot messier than normal). Part of me wants to soak it up and be lazy every morning, and part of me wants to get all of us on the move again so that when school starts it won't be so hard to get into a routine.

This morning I took my kids to get hair cuts. Our hairdresser is taking a break to go back to school, and while we are super excited for her, we are also really sad. Cause when you find a good hairdresser, it's hard to find another one you like as much. This was V's first hair cut, and he did pretty good at holding still. 

Here are all of them post-haircut.

We had a whole bunch of errands to run after the haircuts, so we headed out.  First, the girls are in need of some new tennis shoes so we headed out for that. I spent way more money on shoes than I wanted, but they are happy and they have hole-less, comfortable shoes so I guess we can call that a success. 

Then there were a million other things we needed to get at Target. I was thinking "Oh, I'll just go to Target and I'll be able to get it all there fast and we can get home by lunch time." WRONG!! The Target by us decided to rearrange a whole chunk of the store. So it took me almost 2 hours to find the things that I needed. The kids were better than they normally are when we go to the store for a half hour, though. So at least there's that. By the time we got out of the store, V was ready for a nap and everyone was hungry so we hurried home. V fell asleep in the car, but the girls pretended that we were on a rollercoaster the whole way home. I think they are still feeling the effects of Lagoon

Last night was another (hopefully the last for a while) late night with the camper. We are officially done (for now) so be on the look out for our reveal post. But with that late night, meant another day with no workout. That's ok for now, I'll be able to start on a routine again soon. But for now, here are some things I noticed happens when I'm not running.

- You notice everyone else running. Ok, this happens a lot, but more so when it's been a while since my last run.  Not only do I notice other runners more, but I envy them...A LOT. 

- I eat a lot worse. I don't pay attention to anything that I'm eating. Not only on the scale of healthiness but also the fact that I'm actually eating and not just snacking all day. When I run I'm much better with getting food that is filling and healthy, things you could actually call a meal. But when I'm not running, I am snacking instead of eating and they aren't all healthy snacks. 

- I sleep a lot better when I run.  I haven't been to bed at my normal time for several weeks now. And it's really starting to wear on me. 

- My legs start to ache when I haven't run in a while. Does this happen to anyone else?  If it's been a while my legs start to get nervous but they get really achy. Like if they don't start moving right now, they might fall off. Is this what restless leg syndrome is? If so, I'll be running as long in life as I possibly can because I hate it. 

- I don't think as clearly when I don't get to clear my mind with a run.  I feel much more stress and scattered when I don't get to run. 

Running is such a huge thing in my mental health life. I'll be back to it soon!

Did your mom keep your hair from your first hair cut? Or did you keep it from your kids first hair cut?
This wasn't ever something that even occurred to me...what do you do with it? 

Anyone notice different things when they are on a running (or workout) break?

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