Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Running Routine

Last night it was my turn to get my hair done. I'm really going to miss having my hairdresser, she's going back to school though, so I'm also excited for her.  I went shorter than I normally do but I really like it.

This morning was a rough one for the little guy in our house. He has a big thing for utensils lately and always wants to carry around forks and spoons.  The biggest problem (aside from us not having any clean utensils ever) is that he trips and has no free hands to catch himself with. But at least after he falls, he clings to his Momma and never wants to let go.  Sometimes a little boy just needs his mom, and I love that. 

In grade school, I was in choir. And in our area, the elementary school choirs got to do a big performance called the Hope of America. My school also did a patriotic program every year, that my great uncle (or something like that) wrote all the songs for. I thought that was really cool. Anyway, the other day I found the practice tape they gave all of us for the Hope of America and I put it on to let J listen to it. She decided to turn it into a dance party.  (Don't mind the mess, we are reorganizing/decluttering).

Part of the decluttering mentioned above is getting rid of this microwave from 1985.  This is the microwave that I used my whole life up until I was 19 and then my parents got a new one. Then when Trevon and I got married, they gave us this one to use because we didn't have one.  We decided to see if it was still working so we made some popcorn in it (probably the thing this microwave was used for the most). It still works, it's just giant size.  So we decided to get rid of it. Anyone want a microwave??

One of my favorite things about having a garden is being able to always have fresh flowers in my house. My garden is pretty small, so they are never really big bouquets of flowers, but even small little ones work for me. 


I signed up for my first race since 2015 since I had a baby in 2016.  So now it's time to start making some real goals and focusing a little more on my training. This race is just a 5k, but it's a fun one and it's really close to me.  My goal by next year (I don't think I'll be ready to do this by the end of this race season, we'll see) is to run a 10k since I've never done that. 

So here is my training plan (Keep in mind that I'm not an actual trainer, I just know what works for me)  

Monday - weights/small run or cardio

Tuesday - Speed

Wednesday - Off day

Thursday - Hills

Friday- Long/Recovery run

Saturday - 5k

Sunday - Off day

This is a schedule that I've followed pretty consistently, and if I stick to it, it seems to help me reach my goals.  And while consistency seems to work, sometimes it is good to switch things up now and then. A couple of years ago I only had one off day and I had two weight days, which seemed to be a really good thing for my training. But now I don't always have the time to do that one extra day. So when I get an extra day I do take it, and when I don't, I don't stress too much about it. 

I've got a couple of evening runs for the next few days, and then hopefully back to morning runs for me. I've noticed that my runs are much more likely to get done and be good if I do them in the mornings....this is going to be a little tricky when school starts again, but we will make it work.

What are your current goals?

When was the last time you switched up your routine?

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