Monday, July 24, 2017

Our Family Camping Trip

Hello, everyone! We had a big week of camping last week. Our first real camp out with the camper. Here are a few details of how we do camping. We go to a place called Boulder Mountain in Utah. It's a place that I've been going just about every year my entire life. It takes a while to get there from our home, but the kids did great the whole 4-hour ride down.  They were very glad, though, to be able to get out of the car and stretch their legs. 

We spent the first day letting the kids explore a little around our campground while we got things organized. 

I love how hard they play when they don't have technology as an option for entertainment. 

We went with my mom's side of the family, and the day after we got there, my parents and aunts and uncles all had a big ride planned so we wandered around and let the kids explore some more. We played rock tag (anything but rocks is lava), we hiked around a little, the kids found hiking sticks. It was good to just spend time together and not worry about time or to-do lists. 

I had planned to take V's one-year pictures while we were there, but after seeing him just having fun being dirty, I decided to just to take fun pictures and worry about his one-year pictures a little later on. 

While we were waiting for everyone to get back from their ride (we would have gone, but a 6-hour ride doesn't sound fun to kids) we decided to go into town to get some ice because ours was starting to melt. While we were there we stopped at a little diner for some ice cream.

And when we got back, the cousins were there and the girls were in heaven playing around and exploring everything with them.

One of the coolest things we did was drive to this big meadow (It's amazing how you can go somewhere so many times and still find new places to explore.) There were these fun Indian type huts to explore.

There was also a place with some flint that the kids thought was really neat. They each picked out a couple of rocks. 

There was also this great meadow and it made me wish that we were taking family pictures and not camping haha.  I had my sister take our picture anyway even though we were in grungy clothes with no makeup and messy hair. Sometimes this kind of pictures end up being the best pictures anyway. 

One of our favorite things to do while we are camping there is go hiking. We didn't get to do as much as normal with kids. But we did go on one of my favorite hikes in Escalante.  The first years in my life when I'd hike this, I felt like I was the only person who knew about this hike. And while I'm sure that's not true, it has gotten more popular through the years. This is about a 6-mile hike. And I'm so proud of my girls. It was a little slower than we usually hike it, but my girls hiked the whole way in, and about half way out, by themselves.

They were so excited when they made it to the waterfall. We let them play for a little while before we headed back. 

V didn't know what to do about the water and sand.  

This hike is great because once you get to the falls and get refreshed, you're ready to start back and finish the hike. 

Before heading home, we made a stop at Lower Bounds.  This lake changes so much over the years.  A couple of years ago, the water was low and we had a huge beach to play on. That was so much fun! This year the water was high and we had a beautiful view for pictures, and a lot of wild geese to chase. 

V loved finding the rocks and seeing how close we would let him get to the water. M loved throwing the rocks in.

And J spent a lot of time looking for the perfect "skipper rocks". I just enjoyed being able to take some great pictures of the view of a lot of candid pictures of my sweet family. 

There's nothing like going out into the mountains. Getting away from all the technology, noise, people, and just relaxing. It's so calming to not worry about what time it is, or what I have to get done.  You wake up when the sun comes up, and you go to bed when it's dark. 

We would have loved to stay an extra day or so, but Trevon had to get back to work, and we were running out of clean clothes.  So we made our way home and we are currently fighting with reality. It's hard to adjust back.  Hopefully, we will have more camping stories soon. (WE ARE LOVING OUR CAMPER!!)

Are you a big camper? If so where do you like to go?

Ocean or Mountains?

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