Friday, July 7, 2017

Nobody is perfect and picture from our day

This morning started out with a 4.5-mile run.  It was the perfect temperature outside too. Morning runs are getting easier for me now. Normally I'm an evening runner, but because of schedules and lack of drive by the evening time lately, I decided to work on getting up in the morning to run instead. I've also been way better at warming up and stretching before I get going on the rest of my run.

I got back from my run, got myself cleaned up and the kids breakfast. Then I made me some eggs and had grapes with them for breakfast. Way healthier than my regular toast and protein drink, or a bowl of cereal. I'm not really a super healthy eater, and I don't normally think much about it, but lately, I've made a better effort to be a little healthier. 

V has been walking around like this more lately.  I remember talking to my cousin (who has 2 boys) when I found out I was pregnant with V and telling her that I didn't know how to be a boy mom. And I remember her saying that boys are the sweetest. Girls are fun too, but girls don't just need you very often. Little boys love their moms so much and sometimes they just need their moms. I think this little guy can be such a handful, but when he does things like this it melts my heart.

We took a trip to the library today to do their craft project and get the kids their half way prize for the library's reading program.  Today they made little cars out of twisty ties and buttons. 

Today during my run, I was thinking a lot about how after 20 years of running, I still have so many things to work on. Form, breathing, mentality, mileage, pace, etc...

The thing about this is, NOBODY IS PERFECT.  Even in running.  Even those runners who have been running for most of their life. Even the fastest and best runners have their struggles.  Some struggles are easy to see, for example, form.  My form is far from perfect for sure. 

But there are other things that runners struggle with that aren't so easy to see. Some runners may look like they have all the running stuff together. They have great form, they are fast and consistent, but I'm pretty sure that if you were to ask those runners what they struggle with, they would be able to come up with a list. The mental game, never being satisfied with pace (I think that's pretty normal) comparing themselves to someone else...

My point being, when you start to work on your running struggles, don't focus on all of them at once. Nobody is perfect and we all have a list. Work on one thing at a time and it will help you reach your goals much easier. (And that goes for everything in life too, not just running.)

What is your favorite thing to have for breakfast?

Do you have a running list of things to work on?

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  1. We definitely have some cuddly girls, but I agree that it's sweet how sometimes a boy just needs his mommy.