Monday, July 3, 2017

Embrace the Bad Runs

The weekend involved a lot of swimming.  Also, we found the girls new suits!  Old Navy was having a sale, which was lucky for us because we were also looking for the Fourth of July shirts that they sell every year. Old Navy also had a better selection than we found at Target, which made our shopping trip a little bit easier. 

In our town, we celebrate the 4th of July with a ton of fun things to do. One of the things they do is a big concert and fireworks show that also involves a fly over. Usually, we try to find the closest place to watch the flyover because it's one of Trevon and my favorite things about the 4th. This year, they did the concert on Saturday instead of on the 4th, and Trevon was busy helping my brother and I was hanging out at my moms so V and I went on a little walk down the street in order to get the best view.  

We let the kids stay up extra late for the fireworks. Growing up my family had a tradition to go down to my grandparent's house, which was 3 houses away from mine, and watch the fireworks from the street.  We can't see the fireworks from our house because there's a big hill in the way, so we hung out at my parent's house to watch them, it reminded me so much of when I was their age and excited and antsy for the fireworks every year. 


My Saturday run wasn't as good as I wanted it to be.  While I was running I was thinking about a lot of different excuses that I could use to explain why this 3-mile run was a lot harder for me to push through than it should have been.

I got to bed later than normal for a morning run. It was warm (I can't say it was hot because it wasn't), and there wasn't much shade.  My shins weren't all that happy.  My hair is getting too heavy, I need to get it cut (yes, I was trying to use this as an excuse). Then I decided that I'm tired of making excuses for bad runs.

Sometimes bad runs just happen. There might be a reason for a bad run, sometimes there are a lot of reasons that all add up to a bad run.  But making those excuses aren't going to make you run faster or stronger next time.

It's time to embrace the bad runs, push through them, learn from them, and move on.  It's the runs that are the hardest for us that help us be stronger on race day. Not only the physical battle, but the mental battle also helps us to push through during the race. 

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

Do you find yourself making excuses about bad runs? If so, what's the worst excuse you've come up with?

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