Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Chores, My Garden and My Running Habits

V woke up without a fever, but still pretty groggy this morning. Sweet boy was so tired. I think it's mostly just because he woke up a lot last night. 

We did our normal Monday chores and made a trip to the grocery store.  I don't normally buy things like this at the grocery store because I feel like they are usually cheaper somewhere else. But someone (I'm pretty sure I know who) hid our one and only comb that we had in the whole house. No one can find it. We've been looking for several days now. So I decided to just buy some anyway. This whole pack for a buck wasn't a bad deal (I don't think you can get much better for some combs). Now we don't even have to share. 

One of the chores we have been working on over the summer is making sure the girls make their beds in the morning. I grew up making my bed every morning (and I still do).  It makes your room so much cleaner and more relaxing to have your bed made. They used to be really good at it until we got bunk beds, and it can be tricky to make bunk beds. So M was pretty proud of herself for doing most of it on her own today. 

My nutrition is doing well today...well, not really.  Lunch is probably the hardest meal for me to make sure I get something healthy to eat. I'm usually too busy thinking about what to feed the kids, and then thinking about what will be for dinner. So today's lunch was a corn dog.  It tasted pretty good, but it wasn't my smartest choice today. 

I made a strawberry peach smoothy to make up for it. And that tasted better anyway. 

My little garden is making big progress the last few days. We have our first ripe tomato! That will help make lunches a little easier (I think). And J's green bean has a blossom on it. I'm not a big fan of green beans, but she brought it home from school and wanted to grow it. I figured it might help her actually eat a vegetable. We will see.

My basil also decided to make a comeback. This made me really happy. I've been nursing that little plant along for several months and now it's starting to grow new shoots and leaves. 

While I was running the other day, I started to think of all the little habits I have while I run. I don't know that they are all necessarily bad habits, but they are all habits none the less. 

  • I play with my ring. If my wedding ring is on, I usually start to play with it half way through my run. I think mostly just because it's there.

  • I put my tongue between my back two teeth. I have no idea why I do this. I don't think it's helpful in any way, but my tongue tends to find that spot every time I run. Unless I'm running with a buddy, then I'm spending more time talking.

  • Another weird thing I do (maybe this isn't so weird for a runner?) is that I count my breaths. Usually 3 in and 2 to 3 out. I think this started after I had to deal with a little bit of asthma and it was a way for me to focus on my breathing and make myself breathe deeper.

  • I play out scenarios in my head. Anything from an argument with some random, made up person, to getting kidnapped. I do a lot of "what if" games in my head. I think part of this comes from my self-defense classes and being alert while I run, and part of it comes from using frustration as a drive to run faster.

  • Lastly, I dart for sprinklers anytime I see them on.  I like to think that those people who water their yards at the times that other's say isn't good to water are just other runners looking out for those who are running at that time. 
What's your favorite veggie?

Anyone else have a weird habit  (running or other) to share?

What is your least healthy meal?

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