Thursday, July 13, 2017

Boosting Your Energy

The decision to get up and do a workout this morning was hard. M had a hard night, and that means I did too.  But I had planned an at home full body workout so that made things a little easier.  So while the kids ate breakfast, I did my workout. Here's what I did:

Warm up (I was super tight so I did some stretching too)

One leg lunge with a leg lift  X  16

Full squats   X  30

One leg lunges and leg lift (other side)  X  16

Full squats  X  30

10 burpees

Killer lunges

Shoulder circles

10 Burpees

Super mans

Push ups

10 Burpees

Calf raises

Tricep dips

10 Burpees

Then I was going to end with abs, but I had kids climbing on me by then, so I ended with a really short wall sit. If you add 25 lbs to your wall sit, it makes things a lot harder.

Then I had my breakfast.  After my morning workouts, I try to make sure I'm getting good protein. This morning that meant Kodiak pancakes with a ton of raspberry jam on them, and a protein drink. 

We spent the afternoon playing with friends and swimming with cousins. We are loving summer and never want it to end (even though we know and end is coming.)


I want to talk a little bit about energy for a second. Remember that I'm not a dietician or nutritionist or doctor or anything like that. I just know what works for me and I'm hoping it can help someone else out.

Most people wake up in the morning and have a drink of coffee or tea or some have a diet coke or some other form of caffeine.  I'm not one of those people. I've never had coffee or tea, and I've only had any other form of caffeine a handful of times in my life and I hated it. Now I'm not saying that all caffeine is bad, I do think there is an addiction to it, but I think that's completely a personal preference. If you are someone who doesn't drink caffeine or wants to stop drinking caffeine, here is how I make sure that I have enough energy throughout my day without the help from caffeine.

First I make sure that I get enough sleep. Did you know that most people get somewhere around 6 hours of sleep a night when they should be getting 7-9 hours?  I usually get around 8 hours of sleep, and I can feel a huge difference when I get less than 7.  But getting enough sleep can be hard, especially when you have little kids. (Remember how last night M woke up 4 times?) But I still try my hardest to make sure that I get enough sleep.  I go to bed at a decent time. Most nights that means no later than 10:30.   But, while sleeping enough is a problem, sleeping too much can be just as bad.  Early to bed and early to rise, right? I've never been one to sleep in much.  Now that I have at least one kid that is always up by 7:00 at the latest, I feel bad for my mom that I wasn't a great sleeper as a kid.  But I still can't sleep past 7 on a normal day.

I make sure that I get a workout in every day.  Clearly, most days are running days, but on my off days, I try to get in some kind of exercise. That could be an at home workout, like this morning, or it could be just a walk around the block or to the park with my kids. You might think that exercising will make you more tired, but it actually helps boost your energy because it helps circulate the heart and get your muscles moving.  This is one big reason that I think every workplace should have some kind of exercise break during the day. I really believe that workers are much more productive when they have some kind of exercise to break up their day. If you're feeling a slump coming on at work, at home with your kids, where ever, get up a move around. Take a walk around your office, do some jumping jacks while your lunch is warming up, play Simon says with your kids. Once your blood starts circulating more, you'll have a burst of energy.

I drink water.  I'm not great at this, that's not a big secret. I have a hard time remembering to drink water, and sometimes I have a hard time liking water. But if I make sure that I always have a water bottle by me, I do better. Here's a little story for you about this. Shortly after V was born, I was so incredibly fatigued that I would start to feel dizzy.  It was a little baffling to me because V was a pretty good sleeper as far as babies go, so I wasn't losing all that much sleep.  But I was so TIRED ALL THE TIME!  One day, I mentioned that at a family party and we started going over the reasons why I could be that tired.  The only answer that made sense was that I wasn't drinking enough. And when I stopped and thought about it, I had only had maybe 2 glasses of water that whole day. So I started paying more attention to how much I was drinking. I made daily goals of how much to drink.  And it was amazing how much better I felt when I was hydrated.

Eating super healthy foods is also not one of my strengths. I don't mind my fruits and veggies, but hi, kale chips are not yummy, it's dried kale. So let's not try to make that more than what it is. I like food that tastes good.  So this one can be tricky for me. Recently I've started making sure that at least 2 out of my three meals a day have fruit and that my dinner has a good portion of veggies instead of grains or protein (although those are good for you too).  Mostly, I think, with this one is just making sure you're getting good, nutritious choices for your meals.  I'm not going to say all my snacking is healthy either, but I will say that I feel a difference when I choose to eat a nectarine over a cookie.

What is the hardest thing for you to do to take care of your body?

What do you do to get a little energy boost for the day?

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