Monday, July 17, 2017

Back Yard Campout

This weekend involved a lot of camper stuff. Last minute touch ups and final touches! And it also included an over night trial run.  We had a backyard campout with our neighbors and it was so much fun. We started out with dinner on the grill.

The girls were just a little excited and have been asking about this for a week. They were too excited to play, though and hardly ate any of the yummy food. 

While us adults visited, we let the kids run around and play, and then we made smores. I'm not a smores fan, I don't care for marshmallows at all, but I'll eat the chocolate! And what kid doesn't like making smores?

M's s'more was a double decker s'more. Also, only these two would wear a dress on a camp out... when we do the real thing they are going to have a hard time wearing pants and shorts instead. 

After 4 hours of playing and visiting, we decided it was time to make camp and go to bed. It was late for my kids. They normally go to bed around 8, but we went to bed around 10:30-11. I was worried that V would have a hard time going to sleep with people around (he has his own room) but he slept all night long. J, on the other hand, had a hard time falling asleep and then staying asleep. So let's hope that she will sleep better on our other campouts now that she's slept in the camper.  

On Sunday, we had a rainstorm. It's about time! We've gone way too long without any kind of rain. So when Trevon went out to close all the camper windows, he saw this awesome rainbow and had us all come out to see. 

How was your weekend?

Are you close with your neighbors?

Girls: Are you a dress person or a pants person?
  I'm a pants/shorts person. I hardly ever wear dresses except to church and things like that. 

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