Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Highlights

Here are a few things from our weekend.

After a couple days of the stomach bug making its way through our house, V was extra ready to get out of the house and wander around.  Luckily, M, V and I made it through the pukes without any of us puking.  Poor J and Trevon were not well.

Once they were feeling like they had a little more energy and could keep stuff down we decided to all get some fresh air and take a family walk.  

On Saturday we had some errands to run and on the way home, we decided to pick up a movie to watch together.  The girls hadn't seen the live action Jungle Book yet so we picked that one. They liked it way more than I expected them to.

On Sunday we went to visit some friends and meet their new baby after church.  The kids jumped on the trampoline while we sat and visited and I got to snuggle their little one. 

Then there was a really great sunset and I had to stop to take some pictures. Part of me wishes that I could always have my nice camera ready for things like this, but after having to carry around a diaper bag that has a thousand things in it, adding a camera to that doesn't sound so fun right now. 


Let's talk about running a little bit. This weekend's runs were tough on me. I'm really not sure what the deal was.  My chest felt tight, and my legs felt heavy.  I went out for a run on Friday morning and turned around to finish my run at a mile and a half. The whole time I kept thinking about how much I was hating it. 

Saturday's run was better. It wasn't great, but it was better.  I took it easy and just focused on my breathing (because my lungs still felt a little tight) and finishing at least 3 miles. I run past a massage therapy school on a lot of my runs, and the last little while when I run past I can smell all their essential oils.  I'm never sure if it's a good thing.  I feel like I have some work to do before September, for sure. But I know that if I focus and make sure to get my runs in, I'll be able to do good on the race. 

What was your weekend Highlights?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Weekly Round up

Hey, guys!

Here's our weekly round up for you

Monday:  We came back from camping and I got some really fun pictures of our activities.

Tuesday: We went to the cabin, but I also shared talked about working out while you're away from home. 

Wednesday: I'm getting back on track with my training after a couple weeks off, and I shared my running routine.

Thursday:  Strengths and weaknesses.

Friday:  I shared a little bit about the difference I see in outdoor running vs treadmill running.

I hope everyone is having a fun, safe weekend.

What are your big plans?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Treadmill Running Vs Outdoor Running

 Last night we had a family outing to Toys R Us because J's birthday is coming up quick! And we needed to get some gift ideas. Right now she's into everything Belle/Beauty and the Beast.  

After browsing all the toys, we decided to go get a little treat for all of us.  This was the kids first time trying Cold Stone and I think it was a pretty big hit. J was beyond excited that you could get Kit Kats in your ice cream, and M went for sprinkles. Trev and I went with my usual cheesecake ice cream with Heath bar mixed in. We tried to take a picture of us all enjoying it....clearly, we need to work on our selfy skills. 

After the kids went to bed, Trevon and I watched the second Planet of the Apes.  I never thought of myself as picky when it came to movies because I'm a big movie lover, but the last two movies that have been suggested to us have just been OK instead of the "best" movie we have been promised. It ended up that I didn't get to bed until 11 so this morning's 6:30 (That's not even all that early) wake up call for my run wasn't very easy to listen to. I had a real hard time getting up to do my speed workout, but I did it. And then I laid down and stretched on my floor for a while. 

It wasn't long before V came to join me. The quality of the camera on my phone is clearly outstanding. I need to start using my real camera again.

We got done running errands and doing chores and suddenly this little thing was sick. It's always a little tricky figuring out if J is sick for real because she throws up a lot.... Like, A LOT. So when she threw up twice in an hour, I knew she was really sick and got her in the bath and back in jammies for the rest of the day. It's always hard to be sick, but it's worse when it's summer time and one kid gets sick while the others can still play. (And making sure everyone else stays healthy). *Please bless no one else gets it!* 


I did my workout on a treadmill this morning, and when ever I go from running regularly outside, to running on a treadmill (and vice-versa) I notice all the differences in the two. 

When I'm running a lot on the treadmill, and then I start running outside, the first few days of outside running makes me really sore. I think this happens because running on the treadmill gives a little cushion to your step. While running outside, there is no give in your step.  The ground is the ground with no springs under it (which is one reason it's best to run on softer surfaces, like grass and dirt, rather than on cement or asphalt).

It's so much harder for me to find the motivation to run on a treadmill no matter what weather it is outside.  I'm so glad that the treadmill is there as an option, but it really is so much harder for me not to just push the stop button out of boredom.  Running outside tends to keep my mind busy. Which brings me to my next point.

Running on a treadmill, I noticed that I only think about my run. I don't think about anything else except how much further until I'm done.  

The treadmill has good things about it too, though.  Like how when I run on a treadmill I usually run faster because the speed keeps my legs moving instead of my brain telling me that my legs should slow down. 

It's a little easier for me to focus on pace on a treadmill, so when I do need to do pace workouts, I do them better on a treadmill than outside.  I've never been a good pacer...this is something I need to work on. I normally just run the pace that my body feels like running. I don't normally focus on the pace I'm going otherwise.

It is also really nice to be able to go inside and take a break from the heat (or cold) and watch some TV or a movie while running. 

There are a lot of pros and cons to both.. I'm sure you all have more than I can think of!

Do you prefer a treadmill vs outside running?


As a sidenote- there are going to be some big changes to the blog coming soon, and I'll share more as it gets a little closer.
Have a great day!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Strengths and Weaknesses in Running

This kid is always super happy in the mornings...until he realizes he's hungry.  The first thing he usually does as soon as we get him out of the crib is make a B-line for either the toothbrushes or the utensils. 

Today the girls (and V, (and me cause I did most of the work)) earned our summer reading program prize.  So we went to the library and we got to pick a free book, get some fun coupons and I let them do the ISpy again. 

I maybe did a little persuading on the book choice. I try to let the girls make their own choices 100% with this stuff, but when they are trying to pick out a Spanish book and none of our family even knows Spanish, I had to do a little guiding. They didn't have a lot of great board book options for V, and we have a ton of those from the girls anyway, so I picked V one out for when he gets older...and for me to read because it's a good, easy read. If you haven't read A Long Way from Chicago, you should. 

Last night I finally got a run in. It's been a really busy 2 weeks of no running. But I'm so glad I got to go last night. I only did 3.5 miles, but the weather was beautiful. It was in the 70's (my happy spot) and the sunset was amazing. 


I had a lot of thoughts in my head while I was running last night. A run always helps me think and process.  I was feeling slow, and like I wasn't making a lot of progress in my training. And I had to remind myself over and over that it wasn't race day and I needed to take it a little easy.  

This is one reason I don't run with a watch, and I try not to look at clocks while I run.  When I notice a clock, I usually feel like I should be going a lot faster and I speed up. This has always been one of my weaknesses with running.  I've talked a little bit about this before (and I'm sure it will come up several times down the road) but if you want to PR on race day, you shouldn't push yourself to the max every other day.  

Anyway, last night on my run, I ran past a clock on a school marquee and I had to fight with myself to not go too fast for this run. Then it got me thinking about strengths and weaknesses I have while running. I have a lot of weaknesses in general so when it comes to running it's not hard to think of very many. I get impatient with myself, I don't listen to my body (well I'm getting a lot better at this one), I'm not great with sticking with a plan...I can go on. But when we play on our weaknesses, we don't do well with our goals.  It's good to acknowledge them and work on them. But we need to focus on our strengths in order for us to do well in what we want to achieve. 
For me, this means that I use my drive and my mind set to achieve my goals in running. I can be a pretty stubborn person, especially if I'm trying to prove something that people don't think I can do. So when I put my mind to something, I can achieve it, as long as I don't let my weaknesses get in the way. 
I'm pretty good at the mind game during practices, but when it comes to race day, I lose a little of that. It's something I'm working on. It's a self-confidence thing. And I think a lot of times it happens because I feel so confident after all my training, going into a race. But when it comes to race day and I get passed by one person, my brain starts to shut down and forget all the training I did and the confidence goes out the window. This is one reason hard runs are good for us. It helps us build up that mental power and if we remember all the training and everything we have learned, we will do well on race day. 
Listening to my body used to be a really big weakness for me, but I'm getting better at it. I'm learning to notice the nagging pains that mean small changes need to be made: new shoes, a break, better stretching etc. so that I can make it to race day without an injury.  Obviously, being healthy and strong will help us get to where we want to be for our race. 
My point is that we all have a lot of weaknesses, but we also have a lot of strengths. It's just harder to see those in ourselves sometimes. When we find our strengths, and we focus on that while working on our weaknesses, we will be stronger over all and we will reach our goals easier.

Are you a morning person?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What do you do to focus on your strengths?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Running Routine

Last night it was my turn to get my hair done. I'm really going to miss having my hairdresser, she's going back to school though, so I'm also excited for her.  I went shorter than I normally do but I really like it.

This morning was a rough one for the little guy in our house. He has a big thing for utensils lately and always wants to carry around forks and spoons.  The biggest problem (aside from us not having any clean utensils ever) is that he trips and has no free hands to catch himself with. But at least after he falls, he clings to his Momma and never wants to let go.  Sometimes a little boy just needs his mom, and I love that. 

In grade school, I was in choir. And in our area, the elementary school choirs got to do a big performance called the Hope of America. My school also did a patriotic program every year, that my great uncle (or something like that) wrote all the songs for. I thought that was really cool. Anyway, the other day I found the practice tape they gave all of us for the Hope of America and I put it on to let J listen to it. She decided to turn it into a dance party.  (Don't mind the mess, we are reorganizing/decluttering).

Part of the decluttering mentioned above is getting rid of this microwave from 1985.  This is the microwave that I used my whole life up until I was 19 and then my parents got a new one. Then when Trevon and I got married, they gave us this one to use because we didn't have one.  We decided to see if it was still working so we made some popcorn in it (probably the thing this microwave was used for the most). It still works, it's just giant size.  So we decided to get rid of it. Anyone want a microwave??

One of my favorite things about having a garden is being able to always have fresh flowers in my house. My garden is pretty small, so they are never really big bouquets of flowers, but even small little ones work for me. 


I signed up for my first race since 2015 since I had a baby in 2016.  So now it's time to start making some real goals and focusing a little more on my training. This race is just a 5k, but it's a fun one and it's really close to me.  My goal by next year (I don't think I'll be ready to do this by the end of this race season, we'll see) is to run a 10k since I've never done that. 

So here is my training plan (Keep in mind that I'm not an actual trainer, I just know what works for me)  

Monday - weights/small run or cardio

Tuesday - Speed

Wednesday - Off day

Thursday - Hills

Friday- Long/Recovery run

Saturday - 5k

Sunday - Off day

This is a schedule that I've followed pretty consistently, and if I stick to it, it seems to help me reach my goals.  And while consistency seems to work, sometimes it is good to switch things up now and then. A couple of years ago I only had one off day and I had two weight days, which seemed to be a really good thing for my training. But now I don't always have the time to do that one extra day. So when I get an extra day I do take it, and when I don't, I don't stress too much about it. 

I've got a couple of evening runs for the next few days, and then hopefully back to morning runs for me. I've noticed that my runs are much more likely to get done and be good if I do them in the mornings....this is going to be a little tricky when school starts again, but we will make it work.

What are your current goals?

When was the last time you switched up your routine?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cabin day and working out away from home

Yesterday was a holiday for us in Utah, but Trevon had to work. So the kids and I took a trip to the cabin for the day.  Every year around my grandma's birthday, we do a work cabin party.  Everyone goes up and works together on a project that needs to be done at the cabin. Even though Grandma is gone now, we still wanted to celebrate her birthday just like normal. Clearly, we were all excited to ignore the chores at our house for one more day.

This year's project was washing the windows and fixing one of the beams on the deck.  Not as big as the years past. (We've built a rock path, built a doc, laid cement around the fire pit, fixed the wheel house, etc...)  After helping with the windows, we let the kids run around and V and I did a lot of swinging. 

The girls took turns with my sister and mom on the paddle boat. I didn't dare take V on it because this kid is BUSY! I'm sure he would have tried to jump in the water. 

After lunch, we helped cleaned the cabin up some more and headed home. We had a big to-do list to work on after camping and playing, and V didn't seem to be feeling great so he needed a good nap. Turns out they all did. 


It's been about 2 weeks since I've done any running.  Normally when we go camping, I make sure to get a run or two in, but this time it just didn't happen.  There are other ways we got our miles in though.  I thought I'd share a few ways, today, to get some exercise in even when you're camping and don't have access to a gym, or can't get a run in during vacation.

One of my favorite ways to get some mileage in while I'm camping is to go on hikes.  I remember in high school, our head coach would always tell us we could count half of the mileage of our hikes towards our weekly miles.  I'm not sure why he made us cut it in half.  I feel like (depending on the hike, of course) you can work just as hard hiking as you can running, especially if you're at a higher elevation.  But I'm sure that there is a good reason that he had us do that.  

When we got camp all settled, the first thing Trevon did was take the girls on a little walk and throw around some big rocks...that doesn't sound like a whole lot of exercise, but it is a workout.  Not only walking and climbing around but picking up and throwing big rocks is definitely a workout.  If you want to read more about this kind of workout, I suggest looking into MovNat.  

Working out while camping is a lot like working out at home. Sometimes my mom even brings some of her weights to use during down time. But even without the weights, you can still do things like lunges, squats, jumping jacks, and any other body weight workout during down time. One thing I like to do is use the bench around the fire pit (or a log) as a step. You can do step ups with it and lunges. You can even do balancing exercises with it.

The more and more I try to find good reasons not to do some kind of workout, the more I find there aren't a whole lot of excuses to not workout.  Now that schedules are starting to get back to normal, I'll be able to start getting my running back.

What do you do, when you are away from home, for exercise?

What's the biggest excuse you use to not workout?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Our Family Camping Trip

Hello, everyone! We had a big week of camping last week. Our first real camp out with the camper. Here are a few details of how we do camping. We go to a place called Boulder Mountain in Utah. It's a place that I've been going just about every year my entire life. It takes a while to get there from our home, but the kids did great the whole 4-hour ride down.  They were very glad, though, to be able to get out of the car and stretch their legs. 

We spent the first day letting the kids explore a little around our campground while we got things organized. 

I love how hard they play when they don't have technology as an option for entertainment. 

We went with my mom's side of the family, and the day after we got there, my parents and aunts and uncles all had a big ride planned so we wandered around and let the kids explore some more. We played rock tag (anything but rocks is lava), we hiked around a little, the kids found hiking sticks. It was good to just spend time together and not worry about time or to-do lists. 

I had planned to take V's one-year pictures while we were there, but after seeing him just having fun being dirty, I decided to just to take fun pictures and worry about his one-year pictures a little later on. 

While we were waiting for everyone to get back from their ride (we would have gone, but a 6-hour ride doesn't sound fun to kids) we decided to go into town to get some ice because ours was starting to melt. While we were there we stopped at a little diner for some ice cream.

And when we got back, the cousins were there and the girls were in heaven playing around and exploring everything with them.

One of the coolest things we did was drive to this big meadow (It's amazing how you can go somewhere so many times and still find new places to explore.) There were these fun Indian type huts to explore.

There was also a place with some flint that the kids thought was really neat. They each picked out a couple of rocks. 

There was also this great meadow and it made me wish that we were taking family pictures and not camping haha.  I had my sister take our picture anyway even though we were in grungy clothes with no makeup and messy hair. Sometimes this kind of pictures end up being the best pictures anyway. 

One of our favorite things to do while we are camping there is go hiking. We didn't get to do as much as normal with kids. But we did go on one of my favorite hikes in Escalante.  The first years in my life when I'd hike this, I felt like I was the only person who knew about this hike. And while I'm sure that's not true, it has gotten more popular through the years. This is about a 6-mile hike. And I'm so proud of my girls. It was a little slower than we usually hike it, but my girls hiked the whole way in, and about half way out, by themselves.

They were so excited when they made it to the waterfall. We let them play for a little while before we headed back. 

V didn't know what to do about the water and sand.  

This hike is great because once you get to the falls and get refreshed, you're ready to start back and finish the hike. 

Before heading home, we made a stop at Lower Bounds.  This lake changes so much over the years.  A couple of years ago, the water was low and we had a huge beach to play on. That was so much fun! This year the water was high and we had a beautiful view for pictures, and a lot of wild geese to chase. 

V loved finding the rocks and seeing how close we would let him get to the water. M loved throwing the rocks in.

And J spent a lot of time looking for the perfect "skipper rocks". I just enjoyed being able to take some great pictures of the view of a lot of candid pictures of my sweet family. 

There's nothing like going out into the mountains. Getting away from all the technology, noise, people, and just relaxing. It's so calming to not worry about what time it is, or what I have to get done.  You wake up when the sun comes up, and you go to bed when it's dark. 

We would have loved to stay an extra day or so, but Trevon had to get back to work, and we were running out of clean clothes.  So we made our way home and we are currently fighting with reality. It's hard to adjust back.  Hopefully, we will have more camping stories soon. (WE ARE LOVING OUR CAMPER!!)

Are you a big camper? If so where do you like to go?

Ocean or Mountains?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Weekly Roundup

How was everyone's week? I hope you are having a great weekend! Here's our weekly round up for you.

Monday: I shared about our weekend and our trial run in the camper.

Tuesday: Clearly I haven't been able to workout much lately, and I talked a little bit about that and what I do when I don't have time to workout. 

Wednesday: Also because I haven't been able to run and workout, I talked about some stuff that I notice when I don't workout. 

Thursday: Thursday was a big day!!! I finally revealed the camper before and after! 

Friday: I shared my running story, from the beginning with everyone. (There are a lot of stories I didn't cover, but now you have a quick rundown of my running story.

Have a great weekend, see you all back here on Monday!

Friday, July 21, 2017

My Running Story

When I was about 9 years old, my oldest brother started running on the high school cross country team. After my mom took me to all of his races, I started to catch the running bug. I'd ask to go on short runs with my brother after dinner. He would, quite literally, run circles around my sister and me.

My first race was during an elementary school field day. I ran the mile. I don't even remember how I did on that race, but I was so excited about running it, and I loved doing it. So my mom decided that I could get into the Hershey track program during the summer.  I started running with a group of kids at the local high school for practice.  I don't remember much about that. But I remember that for whatever reason, I decided to run the 200, 4x400 and mile. After the 200 I was mad (I'm not a sprinter) I didn't do well at all. I wanted to be like my brother and win the races. My mom had to bribe me to even run the other two races. And I did do better in those.
This picture is especially good quality....It's a picture of a blurry picture my mom got of me finishing my race.

After that experience, I decided that maybe running wasn't my thing. Maybe I should stick with dance.  So I took a good long break and focused on dance. But it wasn't as fun. There were a lot of cliques in my dance group,  there was way more drama, and there was hardly any fun competition. I danced through Jr high, and then my mom gave me a choice: Dance or running. I couldn't do both. Running for sure! Get me out of the drama.

I started high school when my sister was a senior. She was on the track and cross country teams like me, but she did swimming instead of dance (that was probably a better option too). I jumped in with two feet and I was determined. But, I was also injury prone and I was stubborn so I didn't want to listen to my body, my coaches, or trainers. It didn't take long for shin splints to settle in and I battled them all through my freshmen year. I decided I needed to try different shoes and so I started wearing Mizuno instead of Nike. New shoes + icing and stretching = I made it through the season without too much trouble.

The next year didn't go as well. I ran with my team through the summer without injury and I was excited because I was on my way to a varsity slot. And then, right after school started and I was running stairs and I pulled something in my foot. I could hardly walk on it and they thought that there was a chance that it wasn't a pull but a fracture. Goodbye varsity. I had to take some time off. But as soon as I could stand it, I'd go out on a run on my own. Stubborn. My foot gradually felt better, but I as I was recovering, all my teammates were all improving. The amount of frustration and slight embarrassment (since my siblings were all really good athletes) was pretty high.

Junior year seemed like it would be a little more promising. I was healthy again. I had new drive. I was in good shape. I also had a new assistant coach who really connected with me and my needs. I started PRing again. (He bribed me with pie so...) I made it through cross country and ended that on a good note and then at the beginning of track season, I pulled my butt muscle.  To say that I was disappointed is an understatement. Things just can't happen the easy way for me. I also got teased endlessly about this injury since I have no idea how it happened. And it honestly was really funny.  This injury was the fastest recovery for me though because I had a coach that lived pretty close to my family, and I knew he would see me if I snuck out for a run when I was supposed to be resting.

I recovered well from that one, and I was just happy to be running again senior year. I just wanted to be healthy enough to run and race. That goal was met through cross country. I dealt with more shin splints but nothing I thought I couldn't handle.  A few weeks before my last race, I went out for a run. It was a little extra painful on my shins but I didn't pay too much attention.  We, runners, try to run through the pain. But that's not always the best option. When I got home I noticed a quarter sized lump on my shin right where it was hurting. Great. I took a week off, and I started feeling better so I didn't mention it to my coaches.  I ran my last race.  That race was full of steep hills. Going down the switchbacks, I felt that pain again and had to slow down to almost a walk for the rest of the race. I finished dead fact I finished with the race after mine. Two really nice guys from a California team carried me out the running shoot so I could go get a trainer. They were pretty sure it was a fracture.

I took off indoor season altogether. I'd learned my lesson. I didn't run at all until outdoor track started and then I ran cautiously. The head coach wouldn't put me in any of my regular races. Again, the frustration and embarrassment were enough for me to try to quit the team. My coach (the assistant coach, who I think of as MY coach) talked me out of quitting.

I took a good long break after high school. I ran for fun, I ran randomly when I wanted or felt like I needed to, but I didn't try to run on a team or race much at all.  Then my cousin moved into town. She is a runner too. We started running together and decided to run a race. I've talked about that race a couple times.  After that, I was back into it in a much healthier way. I wasn't competing with anyone but myself. I wasn't on a team and I wasn't letting anyone down.

Since then (2007) I've been running that way. I run for me. I've run several 5ks. I've improved and PRed more than I ever did in high school. And I haven't had much of any injury since then.

Whew...that was long. If you made it this far, thanks for reading :)

What is something you've done for most of your life?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

1966 Kit Companion Renovation: Reveal Day

The moment you've all been waiting for. Here is the remodel of our  1967 Kit Companion camper (Kit)

The first thing we did was a lot of research. We looked up remodel after remodel of campers that we could find in order to get ideas. Honestly, I couldn't find a really great article of any kind about a 1967 Kit Companion. I found lots of pictures of before and afters, and lots of finished products but not many tips. But after doing a ton of research, we got to work. The first thing we started working on was the upholstery. I hated the brown, that's not a secret, but it would be a lot easier and cheaper to keep the upholstery. So we took it off the cushions and washed it. There was a lot of some kind of pet hair on it and since I'm allergic to cats and horses we wanted to be sure to get it all off. After 3 washes and still lots of hair on it, I took a lint roller to it and went through something like 20 pieces of stick paper that were covered in hair.  Then I ran it through my mom's washer because her's has a sanitation cycle. No hair left!

Next, we assessed the water damage and came up with our options for fixing it before we could paint. We came down to two options 1. Glue it, sand it, patch it, paint it. Or 2. Replace the whole wall of paneling. So we went with the first option since that seemed easier and then if that didn't work, we had a backup plan. Thankfully it worked pretty well. We used Elmer's wood glue and squeezed it down in between the paneling and the camper wall and then we propped a block of wood up on it to hold it on the wall while it dried (I wish I got a picture of this, but I didn't).

We had a couple places that looked like this

This is what it looked like after patching them.

After deciding it looked good enough to try and paint it, we picked a paint color and started patching what needed to be patched with some spackling. I feel like prepping the camper to paint it was the most time consuming, and frustrating part. It took several days of spackling, drying, sanding and doing it again to finish this part. We even second guessed ourselves and almost decided to buy some beadboard to mount on the dining area walls to look kind of like shiplap. But we couldn't find the size we were looking for so we kept at it. Before you start priming, Make sure you wipe everything down again. We ended up borrowing a shop vac from our neighbor to make sure we got every little bit of dust.

My dad came down for a day and replaced all the broken pieces of trim.  I would have more information on this, but I was watching the kids and Trevon was at work so I'm not much help on that part. But it did make things look much nicer and finished.

Then the priming started. This made it feel like we were actually making progress. It took almost two full gallons of primer. We used every single last drop in this can. (The other can was some my dad had left over that was 3/4 of the way full). We did three coats of primer with this.  Remember: When you prime--- or paint-- do all the corners and sides first. When you're painting a normal room, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. But priming seemed like it also took a FOREVER because there were so many edges that we kept forgetting to paint first. We did all of the priming at night after the kids had gone to bed. It worked, but it's easier in natural light.

All primed

Once we had it primed and had our paint picked out and bought, we spent an evening painting the first coat after putting the kids to bed. We decided to keep the ceiling white and the walls and all the cupboards gray. We did all the walls first in a divide and conquer sort of way. I did the edges while Trevon started the walls behind me. We saved all the cupboard doors and drawers for the end. That way we would have enough paint to at least cover the walls and then we could get a smaller can if needed for the doors. We used one whole gallon of paint. Again, we used every drop. (This is a 16 ft camper)  We ended up getting a small sample can for touch ups where needed.

Once we got the camper all painted, it really seemed like we were starting to finally make some progress. The next project was the floor.  One of my dad's really good friends growing up now owns a flooring business and we were able to get a good deal on some remnants of flooring.  If you're in the Utah area, and you're looking for some flooring, I would definitely suggest Pyne Flooring.  I'm not just saying that because I know them. They are some of the nicest and most honest people I've ever known. And they have some great choices in flooring, and, if you want them to, they will install for you.

We went with some Coretec.  It looks and feels like real wood, but it's so much more durable. It's 100% waterproof, it won't warp or swell if it gets wet. It's durable, and it has a cork backing that naturally resists mold and mildew. It's really the perfect choice for the camper floor. And as soon as we got the floor in, I felt like the project was coming along perfectly.  It was really easy to install (according to my dad and Trevon), it only took 2-3 hours to install.

With the main projects were done, we started working on the not-so-major projects. We spray painted the appliances using High Heat glossy paint. For some reason, it didn't come out all that glossy, but it still looks good and we are happy with it.

We decided on a peel and stick tile for the back splash.  I really love the look of it, but honestly, it was a harder job than both Trevon and I thought it would be. There is a right and a wrong way to stick these things on.  I might do a whole post on the things we learned from this project later.

We wanted (I so badly wanted) to change the cushions.  I don't like the color, they are smaller than the original cushions would have been, and besides that, they smell musty and old and who knows what's been on them. Even after we washed the upholstery, I just really wanted it to look better.  We had it left in the budget to do them, but at this point, we were really short on time (we were going on a camp out within 2 weeks of deciding to do this). So we decided to dye them with RIT dye.  The material was right, but because they are outdoor cushions, they had, at some point, been treated with waterproofing.  So that means that we went to dye them, and nothing happened. I mean, there's one little spot where it looks like maybe some blue got on. But they are the same color. The upholstery will be done at some point, and when that time comes, I'll post more pictures.

Then we got some peel and stick counter tops too. We were going to go with granite, but we couldn't agree on one we both wanted. And then we found this wood and we both liked it. And I'm really glad that we chose that one.

When we filled the water tank to test the plumbing, we ended up running into some issues that we didn't expect. At first, it was just the sink and it was an easy fix, but once that was fixed and we filled the tank again, all the sudden we had a much bigger leak by the toilet. Lucky for us, we weren't really planning on using the toilet. So for the time being, we just drained the tank and left it alone.

And that was it! We got the whole project done in about 2 months.  I don't know the exact amount that we spent on it because Trevon's list that was on his phone got deleted on accident. But we are estimating somewhere around $1500, including the camper.

Before Sitting Area:

After Sitting Area:

Before Kitchenette:

After Kitchenette:

Before Dining Area:

After Dining Area:

Pano Before:

Pano After:

Above the door, we printed a little picture that I made of a saying that my Grandma Ann (she passed away a couple of months ago) used to tell me when I would mess up on a quilt. There were several times that this quote came up during this project. A lot of times we said it to each other, and a few times I heard her telling it to me. We wanted it there as a reminder of her, and of all the work that we put into the camper.

We still have some things that aren't done, or that we need to work on. First, the heater needs a cover on it. Unfortunately, this brand of heater (duo-therm) doesn't exist anymore and we are having a hard time finding something that will work. I've heard that Suburban and possibly Atwood will work so eventually that will be taken care of.

We will decide what to do about the leak ( fix the leak and use the bathroom or take the toilet out and make the bathroom into a big storage closet).

We will also, eventually, will fix the upholstery. We just ran out of time for our deadline.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them! We are by no means professionals but we would love to help where we can!