Tuesday, June 27, 2017

When You Miss a Workout and We Are Making Progress

We are making huge progress on Kit. I'll be posting a before and after/ update on the whole project really soon, so stick around. We used every single ounce of primer. 

Home made donuts from the neighbors at 10 AM? Sure, why not. V polished his off in about 10 seconds. 

I had to hide to eat mine before he saw it.

Lately V's favorite thing to do while the girls are playing outside is to wander. He's kind of like a wind up toy sometimes, as soon as you set him down he goes straight, which ever way he's facing.  

His second favorite thing to do is sit inside things. Anything, it doesn't matter what's in it or what it is, he's in it. I think he gets this from me. I have several pictures of my as a baby sitting in apple boxes, laundry baskets, Tupperware drawers...basically anything.

 This little one is at a pretty hard, but also pretty magical stage. Her imagination is huge and so is her spirit. We've spent a lot of time lately arguing and we both have spent time in time out lately. She does her best to keep up with the "big kids" even if they always make her be the pet instead of a person in their make believe games. I remember always being the dog to my little girl. (little sister problems)

J lost another tooth this morning...and then she lost the tooth. It fell somewhere in her room and it seems to have vanished. Either way, she's going to have a little bit of a harder time eating until her teeth come back. 


I didn't do one workout last weekend. We were so busy with camper stuff that I just didn't have time (even in the mornings because we would work until late at night).  I'm not one to normally skip out on a run, I never feel good about myself when I do that. And this was no exception. I could tell that it effected my mood, and I was constantly thinking about how I wasn't going to meet any of my goals because I wasn't getting my run in.  

Every once in a while stuff like this happens. We get busy, or lazy, or injured or whatever and we don't make our workouts. The best thing is, it doesn't even matter that much. We can always get back out there the next day.  

Right now I have some goals.

1. Get back down to my PR. I'm embarrassingly far from it.  I haven't had the time or drive to get out there as much as I did before I had V. I'm getting there though. 

2. Hit an 18 minute 5k. This is a really far ways away. But I believe that if I try hard, and take baby steps toward this goal, it can happen.

3. Run a 10k. I haven't run more than a 5k in a really long time.  But this is something I know is absolutely possible if I put my mind to it. 

Sometimes when we have a goal, and we miss a workout it can damper the whole drive for that goal. The key to not letting this happen is to remember that we are all human and we will all need an off day now and then. Something that Janae from The Hungry Runner Girl blog says that really stayed with me and helps me through the off days is that Running will always be there for us when we are ready for it. So when off days happen, just start back where you left off.

Anyone have big goals they are working for?

What's your favorite dessert?

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