Thursday, June 29, 2017

Things From Our Day and What I think About On a Run

So, yesterday I thought I'd take the kids to Target to get some new swimming suits. J's broke (the clip that holds the straps up snapped in half) and M's is getting just a tad bit stretched out. The kids usually don't mind Target, especially if I offer to look (even though we don't buy) at the toys. Anyway, we get there and there are no 3 seater carts. This is normally not a big deal, but this day, it was! It was to M! She immediately started throwing a tantrum and continued to for the next 15 minutes. On the floor, in the cart, all over Target. I warned her, I asked her nicely, I lost my patients. I started to walk out the door and she started to run the other way. So I turned towards her and told her that I was going to count to 3 and if she didn't come, then she would get her bike taken away. "1....." a barely teenage boy walked by and sassily (I'm sure trying to lighten the mood and be funny or help (sorry for the evil look, I didn't mean it))  says "2..." By this time M decided she didn't want her bike taken away and came over, still throwing a fit. So I told her if she would stop, we would continue looking for her new swimming suit. So she calmed down. But now V was getting bored. He was buckled in but managed to wiggle out of the buckle and was standing backward in the front seat. Then he started pulling hair. The girls started screaming. I turned V around and he started pulling my hair. We all calm down long enough to look at the swimsuit section which was a really short time because they only had a couple left and they weren't the right sizes anyway...waste of time. So then I decide while the kids are being good, we will look for some camper stuff we were thinking of getting. The kids decide they are bored again and V goes back to pulling hair. Both girls screaming! So I turn V back around, but he reaches from behind to get the hair, ALL kids screaming. We passed a cute couple who's backs were turned to me and I mutter something about how kids can be such a pain. She turns to me smiling...and very pregnant. (SMH!...which I just found out means "smack my head") "Oh, no, don't let me discourage you!!! There are so many good times too!" She smiles again and says not to worry, she's not discouraged.  We decided to leave...empty handed and all worn out. Walking out, I was trying to smile like J but I'm pretty sure we all felt like M.

And that's just a snippet of this week so far. V is in a ruthless stage of getting into everything. Really, I do mean everything. We have child locks on every single cupboard, but he bypasses them.  One is double child proof (Has 2 different kinds of child locks on, he bypassed it!) He needs THIS SHIRT because it's him so perfectly. 

This morning I mopped my floor first thing, and V kept trying to run on it, then he would fall and get mad. 
(notice he also has a marker, which is a no-no, in his hand)

He must have wanted to get me back for laughing at watching him slip and slide all over the wet floor because while I was in the bathroom he dumped maple syrup all over my just-cleaned-floor.  (Grandma Ann would say "UGH! Murder.")

After a bath and mopping the floor 3 more times (and it's still sticky) he decided to get into the pantry, which was only open because I was mopping and the mop goes in the pantry at our house,  and dump out all the cereal. (All the bad words) At this point, it's so frustrating that it's funny.  At least J decided to help clean up what could be saved. (sorry, blurry picture)

So after a week like this, I desperately needed a run. I was supposed to do my long run, but we had to run some errands that took way longer than planned and it got too late to do a long run. So I did hill repeats. Which turned out to be really good because I had been meaning to do hill repeats for several days and hadn't gotten around to it. The temperature was perfect, and the hill was shaded. And the sunset was beautiful. 

Then I looked down at my legs and realized my tan line kind of resembled the sunset. Clearly, I need to wear something other than my compression shorts while running for a while. It could be worse. The run helped me clear my head, and drain the frustration away so I could start all over again tomorrow.

While I was on this run, I realized that my mind wanders a lot while running. So I thought I'd share a few of the things I think about while I'm running and trying not to think about stopping.

- What did I eat for dinner? Oh yeah...I think I ate too much.
- Look at that sunset!
- I wonder if they thought I was my sister. (My sister and I look a lot alike and live in the same neighborhood so people get us mixed up all the time).
- This is a good song for running.
- Just a few more times, I'm rocking this.
- It's getting harder now.
- Think of something else.
-I wonder if I should just keep running instead of doing another repeat.
- That's one of my worst habits running, I always change my planned run. 
-That might make a good blog post. My worst running habits. 
- I need to make sure I'm pacing myself right
- That might be another good blog post. Okay, worst running habits, and pacing.
- One more and I'll go back home. 
-Hey look, sprinklers are on. 
-It's always colder than I think it will be.
-Ok, finish strong. Finish fast.
-That was a good run.

When was the last time things got so bad they were funny to you?

What do you think about while your running?

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