Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Library day and My Weight Workout for the Day

The day started out with some reading. I loved this book (it's been fun to find more boyish books to read around our house) V has always loved to read, but lately, he hasn't wanted to sit still enough to read a whole book. I hope that changes and that he decides he likes to read again. 

We joined some of the cousins for craft day at the library. Everyone else in our area seemed to have the same idea. It was packed today. Notice all the long sleeved shirts...guys, it's JUNE! Where's the summer weather?

After crafts, the all played for 2 hours in the play room. No one was about to stop them to go home for lunch anytime soon. They were all clearly happy enough to stop playing for the picture. 

They had lots of building blocks and other construction toys there. I think it's safe to say we will be going back. They were all so content. 

We decided we needed to pick a different paint color for the camper.  The others all started to look so white. So this time we decided to look for a more grayish tint. The three shades that made it to the final cut were all picked by J. I think I'll maybe have her just take over the redecorating from now on. 

The tooth finally came out. I'm not sure if she's excited it's out and not bothering her anymore, or if I'm more excited that it's out and I don't have to look at it moving when she breathes anymore. I never thought this would be something that would make me cringe, but it did. 

Work out was weights last night. Sometimes when you don't have a lot of time to think about what kind of workout you're going to do, you fall back on the things you know well.  We did a lot of these things in my gym class that I took for 5 years, so these moves come back to me well, a lot of them are my favorite ones to do. So focusing on two muscle groups and then doing some cardio was how it went. 

Jumping jacks and plyo-lunges to warm up
Roman Deadlifts and flys and rows
Lateral leg raises with weights and weighted donkey kicks
Cardio (Squat jumps, jumping jacks)
Full squats with shoulder press 
Lateral arm raises
Cardio (Frog hops across the room 3 times)
Bicep curls
Flys and bench press

Do you have a workout that you fall back on a lot?

Do you have any big readers in your home?


  1. What a bunch of cuties at the library!! And GREY is the toughest color to decide on. We have one in our house that I love "aloof grey" with some blue undertones that I've gotten lots of compliments on. Thanks for sharing the workout!

    1. Gray is a lot harder to pick from than I thought it would be! We want something warm, but the camper already has so much tan that we are trying to get rid of that we don't want to go with too tan of a gray.