Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June in Utah

You guys, it's June, but Utah decided to step back into April for a day or so. Right now it's only 60 degrees outside and windy! Clearly we needed to cancel swimming lessons for the day.  None of us are very thrilled about it being this cool. We had to come up with some different plans for fun today.

First we all went to the grocery store. I was going to write a fun post about a cool app that helps me save money while grocery shopping, that will have to come later. Because grocery shopping was full of "don't touch that." "please sit down" "why did you want to get this massive cart if you're not going to sit in it" Don't run into people"...on and on. We didn't even manage to get a picture of the chaos we brought with us today.

The next activity went a little better.  The girls reminded me that we have library books that we got last week and we should read them before they are due back.  We are also doing our local library's summer reading program. So we read.  Right now J really likes these books.  If you have young readers, you should check out the Magic Tree House books.

After reading, we put V down for a nap and the girls watched Beauty and the Beast (again) while I rested too. V had a really rough night and he didn't want anything but for me to tickle his back and head.  

A little Kit update: We are getting ready to paint. I think this is the scariest part of remodeling this project.  We had to try to fix some water damage from a while ago first. The leak has been fixed, but the paneling started to bubble and peel off the wall in some places.  Since it was such a small spot, we didn't want to replace the whole wall of paneling. And I'm sure there are people out there who will cringe at this because most people automatically assume there is wood rot and mold if there was any kind of water damage. While that may be true in some cases, it's not something we are worried about at this point. We are trying to stay as budget friendly as possible, and we are hoping to get it done really soon so we can go camping. So we decided to do the cheapest (free for us because we already had the glue) thing and just glue that part of the paneling down to the wall. It doesn't look perfect, but it works! We just squeezed some Elmer's wood glue down under the paneling that was peeling off and then we wiped off what was coming out from the cracks and rigged up something to hold the paneling flat on the wall. I wish I got a picture of that, because it's not a lot of help to try to explain it. I did get this picture of it after though, and it seems to have worked wonderfully. Be careful if you do it this way though, one of the pieces of wood we were using to hold it on the wall got stuck to the wall and we had to very carefully pull it off. 

Today's workout is a strength training work out. I'll let you know what I decide to do with that next time!

What's the weather like where you are?

Any favorite children's books we should check out?

What is your favorite strength training exercise?

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