Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Daily Things

Our morning started out with me getting some sewing for the camper done. I don't get much done at a time because the second the kids notice I'm doing something important they magically need a drink or need my full attention. So, I only got one curtain done. Baby steps. 

When I realized I wouldn't be getting anything else done, I decided to take the kids to the library.  Our library has a fun summer reading program that we all like to sign up for. V fell asleep in the car on the way home.  I'll be sad when I can't snuggle this boy anymore. 

After V's nap, we went to my sister's and let the kids play in their little pool and run around the back yard.  It was one of those days where they just were driving me crazy and this was exactly what they needed. 

Granola has been a big thing around here lately.  J doesn't care much for it, but M and I eat it on a pretty consistent basis. I found a great and super easy recipe I found on Alli's blog Baking a Moment. I highly suggest making it. It's a great quick breakfast or snack.  I tweaked mine a little bit so that there is a little less sugar and I added craisins and semi-sweet chocolate chips to mine. I eat it with yogurt most of the time. 

Last night was some speedwork on the treadmill. There was a conversation on the Hungry Runner Girl page about speedwork on a treadmill vs outside.  I'm torn on what is better. They both have their pros and cons.  And of course today is global running day and it's my off day. I'll make up for it tomorrow. 

Do you like granola? If so, what's your favorite add-in?

Do you prefer speed work on the treadmill or outside?

Are you running for Global running day?

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