Thursday, June 15, 2017

Daily things and Warning Signs From Your Body

So we sprayed all of our plants so we would stop having visitors in them.  And with the pot that ended up empty, I decided to plant these flowers for our porch. They looked a little squished in the last pot that they were in, and so far, no more visitors. 

I think I forgot to mention, J ran her first race in May. The month of April kind of kicked our family's trash. So this race kind of helped us ease into a better month in May. 

It was a mile race and she ran the whole thing with this huge smile on her face. I was impressed because for a 5-year-old, she did pretty good. She finished her mile in a little over 12 minutes. 

We had chicken tacos for dinner last night. I never liked corn tortillas until just recently. I'm not really sure what changed for me, but these tasted amazing. 

I went on my run, which was speed on the treadmill and it turns out that those delicious tacos gave me some pretty crazy heartburn during my run. Lesson learned: I will now only eat those tacos on the days that I do my morning run. 

Let's talk a little bit about warning signs from your body today.  A lot of people start running and after a while, they start to complain about little nagging aches and pains, or they feel like they are getting injured.  Those little nagging aches and pains are warning signs from our body that we need something to change. 

One of the ways that I know it's time to change something is when my shins start to ache just a little bit during a run.  Not to the point where I can't run anymore, but it's not very comfortable and my runs don't feel as good as normal. This usually means that I need new shoes. But it can also mean that it's time to take a day or two off and give your legs some rest. 

It's important that we listen to those warning signs because what comes when we don't listen to that, is the injury. Several years ago, when I was on the high school cross country team, I got back from a run and noticed a bump the size of a quarter on my shin.  I had a little pain during the run but not enough to bother me.  I decided, after icing it, not to worry so much about it and to keep running. I had a race in California a couple weeks away and I didn't want to miss it.  So I kept going, and that bump kept showing up. On race day my shin gave in and the bump turned into a minor stress fracture.  I did terrible on that race, I mean I got lapped by the boys (in high school boys and girls race separately) and I was super embarrassed because, by the time I got to the finish line, I had to be carried off by two sweet teenage boys who I didn't know to the trainers booth, where they gave me some ibuprofen, told me to ice it and take a break until I could get home to my doctor. But if I would have listened to the warning signs, taken a few days off, I would have done much better on that race and I would have had a much better time in California. It took me 2 months to recover and be able to run again, but I could have avoided all of that if I would have listened to my body tell me to take a couple of days or a week off to rest.  

Yesterday during my run, my shins started to send little warning signs to me.  I'm pretty sure this time it's telling me I need to get new shoes (It's been almost a year, that's kind of a long time in running shoe life). So today is a rest day, and we will see how my shins are feeling again in a couple of days. 

What's one of your least favorite racing memories?

When did you start running?

Any favorite food that gives you heartburn?

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