Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Let's catch up

Hey, everyone! It has been a while.  After V was born, I needed to take some time off for my family, and now I'm ready to start posting here again a little more regularly. So I'm back, let's catch up.

There has been a lot of big things happen since we last talked.  J just finished kindergarten! She loved her class and her teacher (who happens to be my aunt) and she made some good friends.  She lost her first tooth and is now working on 3 others that decided to all get wiggly at the same time.  At the end of the school year, J got to run her first race. She clearly had fun! She had this smile on her face the entire time.

M learned how to ride a two-wheeler and now that's all she wants to do.  She's getting ready to start preschool this fall.

V is getting so big. He will be 1 this week! He's walking and getting into everything. He's sleeping through the night.

As a family, we've had a lot of change, which was one big reason I needed to step back from this blog for a while. We had some job changes and schedule changes. We had a lot of fun things and some sad things too. One of the exciting things that you'll be seeing more about on the blog, is that we bought a fixer-upper camper. This was one reason I decided that now is a good time to start the blog back up. I wanted to document the changes we are making to it, and maybe answer questions for those who are remodeling their own campers or inspire others to do it themselves.

Plus there will be the normal running and everyday life stuff here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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