Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 Struggling. This weekend was full of struggling for me.  Not all of it, there were defenitly some really great things. It's just that the exhaustion I've felt hit a new point. Nursing V is really taking it out of me lately. He may be sleeping through the night, and so am I, but every ounce of energy I have gets sucked out of me when he eats.

Friday was early out day for J. And by the time I got her back home from school that morning, and fed V before his morning nap, I felt like I could not get off the couch.  Two hours later, and a huge mess, I told my sister I couldn't take the fighting the girls were doing anymore, so we went there to let the kids play. Where I sat on her floor, still exhausted.

Saturday morning was a little better, but mostly the same. So when we went to play at my parents house, my dad took my blood pressure. 84/60! You guys, do you understand how low that is? And I was feeling better that day, So I really can't imagine how low it was on Friday.

Water, water is so important.  I've been horrible at it apparently, and that's probably why my blood pressure is so low. So focusing on that a little more this week is the goal.

Because of being so weak, this weekend was a little bit of a blur.  I know we must have done some homework, because this got done.

We didn't have yarn, so I cut up a cream-ish ribbon for the hair. And J did the rest of the decorating. It's supposed to be "like her". 

M is finally getting used to our new routine. It doesn't take as long to get her in the car to go and she waits much more patiently while we wait for J to come out of her class. 

Friday night this little guy showed us again, that he's not so little. He's only 3 months old, but these 6 month jammies fit him just right. 

After my dad took my blood pressure on Saturday, Trevon and I went to get a late birthday present- a 90 minute massage. It was amazing. The massage therapist did a really great job on my shoulders.  They were in bad shape since I've been holding V a lot lately. If you've never gotten a massage, I want  you to seriously consider it. The feeling of having all your muscles loose and happy is one of the best things ever.

After our massage, and picking the kids back up, we went to my Father-in-law's house to watch the game and have some dinner.  I sat on the couch and enjoyed watching the reactions to the game and letting V eat again (which sucked more energy out with it) By the time the game was over, I was basically sleeping with my eyes open. 

Some time this weekend, this happened. And I took a picture to remind myself that I'm super glad that my kids all love each other and are good friends, even if they drive each other crazy (and me crazy) sometimes. 

I only got about 3 miles total in last week. But hopefully I'll be feeling ready to get going again and get more miles in this week. 

What was your weekend like?

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