Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Parks and Bikes and Adjustments

Some days M hates that J is at school, and some days she loves it. While I'm working, she's usually playing and jumping on my bed while listening to music. I think she's figuring out the morning routine now and that makes everyone happy. 

The other day while I wasn't in the room for a second, M decided to try out my phone. I came back to find 93 pictures like this of V.  My phone just had an update and I'm not really sure if I like that you can get to the camera now with out putting in the password. M sure likes it though. 

After school on Thursday, we were all starting to get on each other's nerves a little.  M and J wouldn't stop fighting and I needed some fresh air. So I loaded their bikes up in the car and met my sister at our church parking lot to let them ride bikes with their cousins. It was probably the best decision I had made all week long. They road bikes for a few hours until it was time to go home and make dinner. And I was able to sit and visit with my sister. It's amazing how much adult interaction can help turn my day around.

That bike ride set the tone for the rest of the weekend. We spent a lot of time either at parks or bike riding.  We took the training wheels and peddles off of J's bike at the beginning of the summer so that she could use it like a balance bike.  (We bought M a balance bike and I noticed that she seemed to be progressing at the bike riding thing way faster than J did, so we wanted to make J's bike into a balance bike).  We thought she was ready to try peddling this weekend (after she tried my niece's bike), so we put her peddles back on. It didn't take her too long. 

Friday was another cousin day, I've said this a million times, but I'm really glad my kids have lots of cousins near by to be friends with. We went to feed the ducks and play at the park for a few hours. 

After all the playing, we came home and watched a show while I made dinner. You would think with all the teasing that J does to V, he'd hate when she's around, but he loves it. Every time he sees her, he gets a huge smile on his face and gets really excited. It's pretty adorable, but it sure makes teaching J to give him space hard. 

On Saturday Trevon had a work party at a park. So the girls made sure to get in some good running around while we got to know all the people he works with. Trevon decided to join in after we were done eating. This was probably the best picture I got of the girls playing, they wouldn't sit still long enough to get anything better. That's a good sign of playing hard. 

V only went on the slide once and then took a little nap while everyone else played. 

At the moment, I'm making some new goals and changes with this blog. I'm not sure where it will take me yet, but I'm excited to figure it out. With all the changes in our schedule around here lately, the blog has to have a little change too. What is it that you guys want to see more of here? Workout tips? Product reviews? More personal/update/everyday posts? Email me, or comment below to let me know! 

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