Friday, September 16, 2016

A Few Happenings from Yesterday

Yesterday marked the first day that we were not only on time for school, but we were not rushing it. I was so proud of us for getting to the school, and walking to the kindergarten area, and still having time to spare. We were not running, we were not rushing out the door. So, I obviously had to take a picture for proof.

I've never been one to be late for things. I'm usually the one that's right on time. But having kids and changed that. It seems like no matter how many times we tell the girls to go potty before, someone always needs to pee right as we are walking out the door. Or they decide that they do, in fact, want a coat, or they forget their backpack...I mean, they always have a reason to run back inside. Anyway, it's something that routine will change. As soon as we get in a good routine, we will get the hang of things. 

While J was at school, M and V and I went driving around to find a place for family pictures. We still don't know where that will be happening yet. The Utah leaves aren't super vibrant this year since we've had a really dry year. But we will find a place. 

When we picked J up, we stopped at my mom's for what was supposed to be a quick visit, just to get a picture of V's blessing. It turned into an afternoon of playing with cousins.  We love that cousins are so close and we are all great friends. 

While the kids played, I helped my mom make snickerdoodles. These are some of the only snickerdoodles I will eat. I just don't care for them, although I do really like the raw dough. 

While the cookies baked, I did some push ups with V. He thought it was really funny to try to grab my hair ever time I came down. It didn't last long though, because my arms have gotten pretty weak and I can only do a few push ups-- something I'm working on. 

Remember the other day when I said I needed to go to Target? Well I didn't go because by the time I was able to, M didn't want to go with me and I didn't want to take everyone. She hid under the desk, crying because I asked her if she wanted to go. She did not, she wanted to jump in the puddles instead. 

So I tried to take her picture to show her how we look when we are sad. It kind of back-fired, because she's really actually pretty when she's sad, not just when she's happy.

Then J wanted a picture by the window too. Is anyone else jealous of how pretty their daughters are? 

Last night I decided to get a little workout in even if it wasn't going running or doing a hard Grokker workout. I did a quick 15 (ish)  minute workout: 4 minute plank, 3 minute hover squats, and 5 sets of push-ups.  I felt pretty good afterwords, this morning I'm a little more sore than I want to admit, though.  

What is your workout for the day?

What's your favorite cookie?

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