Friday, September 2, 2016

7 Random Things From Our Week

It feels like our mornings are spent completely in the car. It's not like I have a whole lot to do or places to go even. We just take J to school (which I have to load all the kids up for) and drop her off (which I have to unload, and then reload all the kids up for) and then we come home for chores and then we have to go to the school (loading the two youngest up for) and pick J up to bring her back home. So a lot of unloading and loading the car is going on lately. I am getting better at it though. The first few days are rough and I'm still wondering how some moms with more than one kid not in school are doing it.  But I'm catching on. M is finally adjusting a little bit, but we still have to fight the fight to get J to school on time.

Sometimes when we pick J up, depending on how much extra time we end up with waiting for her, we get out and wait on the grass.  But do you know how hard it is to lug around a huge carseat with an extra large for his age baby inside? It's not always worth it. So that's not going to be a regular routine. 

After lunch, we sometimes will get back in the car and go to play with the cousins at my parent's house. The other day while we were there, we saw a big squirrel in the back yard. Most people around here wouldn't blink at that, but where my parent's are, we don't get quite as many of these little critters around. And he was a pretty big one. Anyway, we tried to take a picture of it to send to my dad. (He doesn't always believe us when we tell him about critters in his yard). It was a little hard to get a good picture of him with the phone, so I'm not sure he will even know what we were trying to show him here. But, you know, if you can see it, that's good. 

The other night, I got a quick workout in with Grokker. It didn't take long before V was a little upset we weren't holding him. So he acted as my weight for the second half of my work out. Win-win. He calmed down, and my workout became a little more challenging. I'm super thankful that I have Grokker for the nights that I can't get out for a run.

I saw this on facebook the other day. I feel like this is 100% accurate. You start out feeling like you don't know everyone thinks it's hard. and then a couple weeks in you are thinking that the sweet baby you brought home is screaming in a way you never thought was possible. Or pooping more than you thought was possible, or you know, acting in ways you didn't know was possible. Then by six months you're super glad everyone is still alive. And then after a year you're exhausted in the parenting department and wondering how the kid that is eating dirt is still alive. I've also noticed that this can be applied to the amount of kids you have. the first kid is super easy, two kids is pretty eye opening once they start making a mess together. So far three has been easy, I'm thinking I might have this parenting thing down. But I'm sure I'll be wondering how this all happened by the time I have another. Also, I just really like Tom Hanks, so of course I think this is great. 

Sometimes when I hold V he will find my finger and never let go. This kid has the sweetest personality. (Please bless he keeps his sweet personality all his life!) 

My cousin got married this week. We clearly won at the picture taking thing during the reception.  J was playing on a swing set and Trevon was looking for her. V did not want to be in the carseat again that day and M was just tired. She fell asleep in the car on the way home and said she wanted to go to bed when we got her out. 

What's your favorite Tom Hanks movie?

Do you have kids in school? How do you handle the drop off/pick up routine?


  1. Don't you love how they send you home from the hospital with your baby JUST as s/he starts to wake up and really start making some noise? My third didn't make a peep the entire time we were in the hospital and then started crying as we walked out. And did not stop for THREE DAYS. I may be exaggerating. I've blocked it out.

    1. That's exactly how my second was. As soon as we got her home she started screaming, and she's never stopped. She's the loudest child, I'm pretty sure I'm going deaf because of it.