Friday, September 23, 2016

5 on Friday

Here are 5 things that have happened for us this week.

1.  I saw this sign on my run the other day. It was pretty fitting for that particular run. And on the other side it said "Embrace the pain so you can feel victory." or something along those lines. It was a pretty hard run for me that day, so I felt the need to repeat it over and over in my head. It makes me wonder if they know they get a lot of runners coming past here and decided to help them out a little.

2.  I noticed my chocolate stash is getting quite big. I get little treats sometimes from people and end up hiding them away for an "emergency day" when I just don't think I'll make it another second with out a little treat.  I also have a bag of cadbury eggs hidden in a separate spot, but I'm not going to say where. 

3. This little guy is already in 6 month clothes. He's 3 months old...ok almost 4, but still. He's growing like crazy! He's also getting a little heavy to carry him in this little infant backpack. 

4.  We went to the cabin this week. It's beautiful up there right now, even with the lack of water we've been having this year. I took my camera to get some good fall pictures and when I went to get it out, I noticed that I grabbed the bag, but my camera was still at home on the counter after some pictures of something else. I was really disappointed. My phone camera did ok though. I still won't be able to print any of these pictures off with good quality, but they are pretty to have anyway. 

5. Our AC broke yesterday. Luckily, it's going too cool off a lot this weekend (too much in my opinion) and we won't need it. But it's still not any fun to have a broken AC and have to worry about fixing it. 

What's one good thing that happened to you this week?

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  1. Such an inspirational quote to achieve goals. I totally agree with your thoughts. And, your baby is too adorable.