Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Update

I wasn't around much on Friday to do a little post, but I'll fill you in on our weekend now.  Thursday night the girls wanted to have a sleep over with some of their cousins at my parents house. I've been iffy on the sleepover thing, but I felt ok with it being at my parents house, so we let them do it. It made for a really great night. Trevon and I got to relax on the couch with out a mess to clean, or a fight to break up, or anything like that for a couple of hours. Then V decided to sleep through the night, so was really rested and ready to pick the girls up from my parent's house by the time Friday morning came around.

We went to the cabin on Friday to celebrate my nephew's birthday.  With in the first hour, M had fallen off the bench backwards and knocked the wind out of her, then slipped off the bench (while she was walking on the bench) and hit her chin pretty hard. After lunch, J cut her lip on a toy. So we were making up for lost time the night before with kissing owies and calming them down.  But then, after cake and ice cream, the fun started and they were just fine.

My mom made a scavenger hunt for the kids. They had to find the right color of dot to lead them to the treasure. It went to the bunk house, which was fun because I don't think these kids have ever been up there.

After letting them play for a little while (M loved this little rope swing), we let the birthday boy open presents and let the kids play some more before heading home. 

Once we got the kids in the car and started on our way home, everyone took a nice little nap. M was out before we got down the hill and she slept the whole 45 minutes it takes to get home. That's the longest nap she's had in a while. 

Saturday we had some chores to do, and I went to a bridal shower for the morning.  When we got back and had lunch we decided to take some stuff we borrowed back to my parents house and let the kids play for a little while. We ended up staying there the rest of the day, playing with bubbles and stuff outside. For dinner, we decided to go out to my favorite mexican restaurant.  Here's a little parenting tip for you:  When you go out to dinner with kids, bring some drawing stuff.  If the restaurant has paper placemats, you can let them color on them while they wait. 

J drew a pretty good picture while we waited for our food, and finished it when she was waiting for Trev and I to be ready to go home. 

When we got home, we let the girls play a little more while we watched some olympics. They got the fly swatter and started a new game called shoe fly. They swat the shoe and throw it down the stairs into a pile. I thought it was pretty clever, but it made for a big mess. When the ran out of shoes they moved on to anything they could find in the house. But it also made for some really cheap fun, that lasted longer than five minutes. (Also, that's a brand new fly swatter, so no bug gut germs on everything).

Sunday we had a farewell in my family. One of my cousins (remember my family is huge and we all live in the same area) is going on a mission, so she gave a really great talk and then we had some food.  V was all decked out and looking handsome, even if he wasn't exactly thrilled about it. 

After everything was done and we went back home, it was really nice outside so I decided to go on a walk to get the mail. It wasn't a long one, but it felt nice. 

Now back to our daily routine again.

What did you do over the weekend?

Did you get to have sleep overs growing up?

Any restaurant parenting tricks?

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