Monday, August 1, 2016

Our Weekend

Our weekend started out with a house full of mess.  It seems like as soon as I sit down to feed V, the girls know I can't do much about anything and this happens. There was a steady trail like this through out the whole house. I couldn't stand it anymore so we packed a lunch and went up to the cabin!

While we were up there, my uncle and cousin brought a couple of their horses up.  The kids all thought that was pretty neat.  

M isn't scared of anything. She ran right up to pet the horses.  My cousin showed the kids how to feed them and they all thought that was pretty neat. 

Anytime I'm around horses I always wish I wasn't allergic to horses. But, I got my mom's genes on that, so I can't spend all that much time around them unless I have some allergy medicine close by.

  Saturday we spent part of the morning cleaning that big trail of mess and then running errands. We went to the library to pick out some new books, and then we spent the afternoon playing at my parents house. We were planning on going swimming, but a big storm cloud moved in so we decided against that. After dinner, we went to get a little treat.  Rita's Italian Ice is really yummy. We shared three different flavors, and my favorite is still the raspberry, I think. The strawberry Mango was a really close second.

After church on Sunday, we went to Trevon's dad's house for dinner.  We had a giant roast we needed to use, and we were not going to eat all of it before it went bad. So we took our roast and potatoes up there.  

This week is a busy one! Birthdays, weddings, doctor appointments, lots of family things. I'll fill you in on it soon!

Do you have allergies? If so to what?
  Horses and cats mostly. 

Any favorite summer treats to share?

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