Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cross Training with Grokker

So, when I was a senior in high school, I got a stress fracture in my shin.  I'll admit right now, it happened because I was too stubborn to listen to my coaches, doctors, or my body and take a break when my body was showing me warning signs that I needed to rest for a week.  I had this need to prove people wrong (let's be honest, I still feel that need all the time), so I thought if I took that break, I'd never improve and I'd never show people the potential I had.

Long story short, I got home from a run one night and noticed, not only did I have a lot of pain during my run, but now I had a big swollen bump, about the size of a quarter, in the middle of my shin. I couldn't stand people touching it, and I could hardly walk on it. I was so mad at myself because I knew exactly what had happened when I saw it, and I was in the middle of getting ready for a big race coming up. Now I had to take several weeks off.

I wouldn't let my dad take me to the doctor for a couple of weeks, then one day he told me to get in the car and he took me to one of his doctor friends.  They took some x-rays, and by that point it had healed enough that we couldn't see anything on the x-ray.  That was really great news. But I still had a sore, swollen bump so they told me to take some Ibuprofen and to rest for a little longer.

After another week I decided it was long enough and started running again. I worked really hard so I could at least finish the race coming up.  And everything went well until that race, I re-fractured it. Obviously, this time I took more time off. I spent a lot of time icing and stretching and cross training.

Fast forward 10 years.  The other day I was running and feeling pretty great until I got home and noticed a bump on my shin the size of a quarter. The difference was that it didn't hurt to walk on or run on, just when I touched it.  It wasn't a fracture, but it was a warning sign that I needed to back off for a while (and get new shoes, which I will be soon).

I know, it's kind of hard to see if you don't know where to look. But it's my shin, so it seems way bigger to me. 

This means that instead of running, I've been doing a lot of low impact workouts lately.  I've used my mom's elliptical and Grokker a lot this last week and some core workouts.  Thank heaven for Grokker! It gets me to workout even when I have to be careful and when I have to do it at night.  I want to share some of my favorite workouts I've done on Grokker this week with you guys and what I love about them.

On Monday I did this great boot camp workout. I'd heard that these workouts were intense, and I'm positive this one was fairly mild compared, but I was sore for 3 days after this. I am really looking forward to doing more of these boot camp workouts because I feel like they challenge me and really give me a good workout. She gives you several great ways to modify, too, so you can get through the workout at your own pace.

I also really like Sarah Kusch and just about any of the workouts she does. I love how well she explains everything and she does the whole workout with you. This particular workout is one of her Cardio Core workouts. She combines (just as the name says) cardio with a lot of core work.  This was another workout that left me sore for a couple of days. That lets me know that it did it's job.  And cardio, and core work is what I need right now.

Another workout on Grokker, that I've shared about before, is Pace and Go's workouts.  They focus on HIIT workout which makes their workouts really short and intense. You can get one of their workouts done in less than 10 minutes and feel like you got a really good workout.

After doing these workouts this week, I hardly even noticed I wasn't running. Which is saying a lot. But I'm really excited to get back to running in the next little while anyway. Do you think Grokker could help you in some way? HERE is a 14 day FREE trial for you. No payment info is even needed so it's a no risk thing, and hey, everyone could use a little push to workout more. Also, who doesn't love to try something new for free for a couple of weeks? I don't know anyone who doesn't.

What's been your excuse for not working out lately?

Ever had a big injury?

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