Monday, August 22, 2016

A Cabin Sleep Over

J has been asking all summer to do two things: Go camping, and sleep over at the cabin. Since we've had a busy summer with making adjustments since V was born, we slacked on those things and we ran out of time to do both. So On Friday we decided to sleep over at the cabin and do some camping things along with it. We usually wait to tell the girls things like this until we are getting in the car. (that way we avoid a lot of nagging or any melt downs if plans change). But J found out on Thursday that we were thinking about going and from then on she did a lot of nagging and asking if it was time to go. I kept her as busy as possible. I even pulled out my old light bright to help distract her.

When Trevon got home from work, we loaded all our stuff up as fast as we could and we headed up to the cabin.  My sister's family met us there and we had a fire to roast hot dogs. 

I'm not really sure how my girls would handle camping at this point, they are both pretty nervous about bugs, M freaks out if a fly lands near her. Hopefully this is something that they will grow out of soon. 

Before putting the fire out, we also roasted marshmallows. I hate marshmallows, but the girls hadn't ever roasted them before so it was fun to do.  

M preferred hers un-roasted, which to me is worse. But we were "camping" and she was having fun, so whatever. 

 I even made a S'more and I have to admit that it wasn't nearly as bad as I remember them being. Hating them might have something to do with the sticky mess that my mom hated cleaning up or something.  I still wouldn't eat them on a regular basis, but now I wouldn't mind one every now and then.

We let the kids play for a little while and then my sister took her family home. (They had things to do in the morning). We let the girls watch Zootopia in their beds on the floor, thinking they would fall asleep during it. Nope. They were up until almost midnight watching the movie. Trevon and I both fell asleep before it was over. We were hoping that maybe they would sleep in because of that. Nope again. They were up at 6:30 AM. ready to play. I took them out on the deck so they could see some wild turkeys and a baby deer. This is about the time that I remember I should bring my good camera whether I think I'll use it or not. 

The girls played a little bit outside after breakfast, while I fed V and watched the women's triathlon. 

Before going home, I went out to play with the girls for a little while. My fear of snakes was manifested again when we were coming back inside to pack up and go home. A tiny, baby snake slithered right in front of my foot and I almost stepped on it. I tried to pull M along with me while I was screaming and running away, but that poor girl was confused and just stood there. Sorry sweety, apparently I'm not taking you with me when running from a snake. I've been told that I wasn't always scared of snakes, but I don't remember that.  What I remember is a lot of talk about how rattle snakes live at the cabin and they could kill you and now even looking at a picture of any snakes (or talking about them) makes me cringe. I'm praying that my kids also gain a fear of snakes so that none of them will chase me down with one, because that's just mean, and I'd probably die...really though I probably would. 

Anyway, once I could walk again (my legs were shaking for 10 minutes after the snake thing) we loaded up and came home. The kids all napped the whole way home, and then I stayed in the car with them and read my book while they slept for another half hour after getting home. I think that was a pretty successful trip to the cabin. 

The rest of Saturday was about running errands. All of us needed some kind of new shoes. So we went to Target for the girls, and then Runners Corner (a locally owned running store) for us. Usually I can walk in there and tell them exactly what shoe I want and buy it. That's because I've worn Mizuno Wave Riders for 15 years. But this time I wanted to give something new a try. This was much scarier than I thought it would be. Last time I tried a new shoe I got a foot injury, and went back to the normal shoe. So after trying on several Brooks shoes, I decided on the Brooks Launch 3's. And so far I'm loving them. I'll be running in them this week for sure! 

This week is another busy one, hopefully there will be some cleaning catch up going on too. 

What is your favorite running shoe?

Are you scared of any animals?

S'mores, yay or nay?

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