Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chores, Swimming, and a Run

Yesterday was a full of a morning of chores which got frequently interrupted by feeding time and the girls un-cleaning the house right behind me. Sometimes I find toys and stuffed animals in weird places. This one reminded me of Toy Story, and for a second I wondered why Jessie needed this little dog (Slinky's double, I'm thinking) help climbing up to the window.

Then we spent the afternoon in the pool, like we normally do.

Since I'm still recovering, I can't swim yet. But, I got to watch in the shade while V napped. When he woke up to eat, he was covered in sweat. This kid is the sweatiest kid.  He sweats inside, outside, when he eats, sleeps and even when he is just being held.  

After swimming, and coming home to eat dinner, then running errands and coming home to put the girls to bed, I finally got to go on a little run. It was pretty warm outside still, but I'm not going very far or fast at this point. The important thing is that I'm going. (My doctor gave me the ok as soon as I felt ready, as long as I'm starting easy and listening to my body).  I had a little bit of some uncomfortable popping but no pain.  

I had a Mile and a quarter planned, but then I saw the sprinklers on across the street. It turned into a mile and a half. I got home just in time to see the tiniest bit of the sunset. 

What is your regular summer time routine?

Who else has to run through sprinklers any time you see them on during a run?

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