Friday, May 27, 2016

Walking, Lots of Walking

The last few days have been mixed with a lot of emotion.  My body does this really fun thing lately where it goes into labor for several hours and then stops completely. Kind of like stalled labor...or maybe it is stalled labor, I'm not really sure. Anyway, being in labor with J was like this for 2 weeks before they decided to strip my membranes.  This time around, it started on Wednesday evening. We had gone for a fun walk with my cousin and her kids. We made it about 2 miles and then it was time to go home.  Labor started about an hour later, and we decided to see if we could keep it going and went on another little walk as a family before bed time. It did keep the contractions going, I slept for about 3 hours and then I couldn't sleep much after that, but the contractions stopped all together when I got up to get ready for the day.

I was hoping that I could get them started again even though I knew that this was exactly the same thing that happened with J. So we did a lot of cleaning in the morning and went on a picnic with the cousins. 

Nothing. So we decided to go home for a little rest.  The girls wanted a popsicle so we had an otter pop on the porch and then watched a movie while I took a little nap, because 3 hours of sleep is just not enough. 

After our quiet time, we decided to try to get something going again, so we went up to my moms and helped her weed for a second before the girls got bored, then we decided to go on a walk so my mom could finish with out so much help. 

M really wanted to push J so I let her do that, figuring that it wouldn't be a big deal since we were just going around the block. Half way around and M started throwing a little (and by little I mean huge) tantrum so I ended up having J push the stroller while I carried M kicking and screaming back to my moms. (I'm pretty sure she's just sick of going on walks). It was pretty funny now that I think about it. But it was still pretty unproductive as far as contractions go. So we hung out with my mom for a while. I did the elliptical for a little bit and then decided it was time to go find some dinner. We let the girls play after dinner while we did some small laps but still nothing...At least that meant I got a good nights rest. Today we are taking a different approach. We aren't trying anything and we will see what happens. 

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