Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Maternity update 37 weeks

I haven't done any maternity posts, except for the work out posts. I've just never been a big fan of sharing belly pictures and writing out every little detail of my pregnancy. Partially because I'm not one of those women who really love the pregnancy part of things and I feel like that would be a lot of complaining. But I decided today to give you all a little update.

Well, If nothing else, he has dropped...

I'm 37 weeks, things are feeling stretched. My time, clothes, patients, my energy, and obviously my body.

I'm craving...at the beginning of this pregnancy, it was all bread. That's all I wanted all the time. Then I wanted chocolate anything. Next was Mexican food, now it's fruit, ice cream, donuts..Mexican food always sounds good even when I'm not pregnant. Mostly everything right now.

Sleep, it's not happening much. So I guess when baby comes I wont feel too much of a difference (hopefully).

My body is hurting.  With the girls I didn't have any pelvic pain problems, but with this little guy, oh the pain is bad. I can have 2 really good days and then a week of not being able to move because my hips and pelvic muscles hurt. This is also the main reason I can't sleep anymore. (see, a lot of complaining. Let's try to be positive).

At my last appointment, they checked my cervix. I'm starting to dilate and thin out. So that's great news! Maybe we can get this little guy here a little earlier than June.

What I'm excited for: Meeting our first son, seeing what he looks like, getting to hold him in my arms and not in my stomach.  Wearing normal clothes (Remember I hate maternity clothes?). Getting back to an exercise routine.

What I still have to do: pack a bag (well the rest of it), get certain nursing essentials, and get the camera ready.

What I'm bringing this time that is different from the last times:

1. Snacks. With J I didn't mind the hospital food and I remember thinking "why do people complain? this isn't so bad. But after having M, the hospital food was not appetizing. It didn't look good, it didn't sound good and I didn't look forward to eating anything there. So this time, I'm making sure to bring a few snacks for when nothing sounds super good. That way I can eat something with out dreading it.

2. Movies and books. After being in the hospital for a couple of days, and the amount of visitors have slowed down, I get so bored. They tell you to sleep, but I really struggle taking naps. So I end up just sitting there wishing there was someone to visit with. This time, I'm taking some movies, a book and maybe even a deck of cards to entertain me while baby is sleeping and momma can't.

3. Abreva. I get cold sores when I get a fever. And the last two births, I've gotten a fever, and then a cold sore. This time I'll be taking Abreva with me so if I do get a cold sore, I can take care of it fast and not worry about giving it to the baby or having it bother me the entire time.

That's about all I have on that for now.

Any suggestions on stuff to bring to the hospital this time around?

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