Friday, May 6, 2016

Doing the Summer Thing

We are loving the weather this week! Some people get worried about it warming up too fast, but I'm loving it. Bring on summer! 

The other day I was at my mom's and decided to see how much of the piano I remember. I played piano for about 13 years off and on. I wasn't that good at it, but I loved playing sheet music (I hated playing out of the lesson books). I haven't played for at least 5 years though, and it was kind of sad how much of it I've forgotten. 

Because of all this beautiful weather, we have been enjoying ice cream cones outside in the evening. Summer evenings are my favorite.  It's light outside, it's warm, and we can watch all the kids play from our doorsteps. 

Yesterday morning started out with M trying to make J drink the rest of her juice. She tried to be sneaky dumping it in J's cup and then yelled "J, drink your juice!" Not getting out if it that easy M. 

We headed outside for a picnic lunch again. We love cousin picnics because it kills a good amount of time, I get to visit with my sisters, and the kids love playing at the park after. Plus, I notice that the girls (and I) eat much better when we do a picnic. Instead of having frozen chicken nuggets or hotdogs, they actually eat sandwiches and fruit and they drink way more water that way too. The problem yesterday was that I forgot my own water. Luckily, I remembered that we had stuck some gatorade in a cubby in the car. I kept thinking how hot that was going to be to drink, but it actually had stayed cold. So that all worked out well. 

We had 10 kids there by the time we were done playing. We could make up a whole preschool. 

After our picnic, it was time for Costco. On the way home, we passed one of those wind ballon men and the girls thought it was really funny that he was "dancing" to our music. 

Now it's time for a fun weekend. 

What do you love about summer weather?

Did you play and instrument growing up?

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