Monday, May 2, 2016

Baby Showers and other Weekend Things.

If this isn't a great way to start the weekend... M decided Thursday night, that a good bed time game would be to find the wipes and see how fast she can empty a brand new pack.  Not the best morning around out house that morning, but it did get better.

Friday night we celebrated an early Mother's day dinner with my family, since my mom won't be in town that day. So we went to a family favorite, Joe Veras, and like always, it didn't disappoint. I'm not really sure when Mexican food disappoints anyway. And Then Saturday morning we finished our Mother's day celebration, and started some baby shower fun, by getting pedicures. I came home with happy feet and to find the girls getting in the bath after swim lessons.

Then the girls played "race" for a little while. This is where they take turns running down the hall and back and then they win one of my old race medals. Sometimes I'm not super sure of how to feel about that. But since I don't have a way of displaying these medals at this point, I figured they can't hurt them anyway.  And it's kind of fun to see them show an interest in some of the same things I love doing. 

Then it was time to head to lunch with a whole bunch of beautiful ladies, for my baby sprinkle. 

My sister and my sister in law were so sweet to throw me this little shower. We got a lot of great stuff that we needed for a baby boy, after having two girls and everything girl to go with them. 

Also Brick Oven food is really yummy, and I ate way more than I'd thought I would be able to.

After the shower, my mom was helping me take all the gifts and balloons home. We opened the trunk and forgot the balloons were in there. We tried to save them by running, and jumping as the blew away, but it didn't work. (I'm pretty sure that never works when they are flying away outside) It did look pretty funny I'm sure. I wish someone got it on camera. 

While I was at the shower, Trevon and his good friend, Jason, set up our baby nursery. So that was great to come home.  I'll take a picture when we get it all decorated. Then we let the girls go play at a friend's house (we won the neighbor lottery, ours are the best!) and we went and got the new set of pots and pans we've been waiting to get. We went with THESE Cuisinart pans. And I'm really excited to try them out. 

What a weekend! It was full of fun and exciting things. Now back to our routine. 

What was your weekend highlight?

Do you have a favorite restaurant?

What do you do with your racing medals?

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  1. Looks like a fun shower, and I think that's great that your girls are interested in racing. Won't be long before you can start signing up for races together - you doing the 5K and the girls doing a 1-miler! Phillip started doing that with the kids when they turned about 5. (My job at these events is photographer and driver, not runner.)