Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An Busy, Exhausting Weekend

We had one busy, fun weekend and I was exhausted by the end of it. By 9:30 in the morning on Monday, I was already napping, and woke up to this.

So lets recap the weekend. First, we went with all the cousins to put a flower on my grandma's grave for Mother's day. 

We made a trip to our favorite garden nursery so we can get started on our garden. I was pretty sure that if I didn't get it done now, it wouldn't happen at all. We went to get started planting and found this huge guy on our fruit tree spray....Nope. I grabbed the hose and sprayed it down (I'm sure my neighbors were entertained by the amount of yelling and threatening that was done at the spider) . I wish I could say that I know it died, but I'm pretty sure it just ran away and is planning it's revenge. I'm not all that scared of spiders, but that thing was huge, and harry!  We put the yard work off until the next morning. 

Friday night ended with popcorn, an orange and a movie on the couch. I was sore, and tired and needed to just relax with a treat and me time. Trevon spent that time applying for some jobs he's interested in (fingers crossed). 

Saturday started out with swim lessons and some errands. Then home to get ready for this movie.  It was a little slow at the beginning, but it was mostly good.

By the time we picked the girls up from the baby sitters, I had no desire to make dinner, so we took them out and had my mother in law meet us for a little mother's day dinner. Nothing fancy, but a hamburger and milk shake always sounds good. 

We got home, got the girls in bed and I laid like this on the couch. We are at the tale end of this pregnancy and my hips and pelvic muscles are usually really mad at me lately.  Most of Saturday I was trying to decide if the cramps I was feeling were from preterm labor, or my pelvic muscles. Thankfully they were from the pelvic muscles, we don't want this little one to come too soon. 

Sunday we went to church and then came right home to make our favorite cookies for a family lunch. The girls and Trevon gave me my mothers day gift, a Covered Goods nursing cover. I'm pretty excited to use it for everything. Then we got to visit and relax with family, and we got to talk to Trevon's brother on his mission. When I was waiting for Trevon, we didn't get to talk by Skype, it was just on the phone (which was still great) but Skyping was way more fun. 

I was in bed by 9:30 Sunday night. It was one of those nights that you wish you didn't have to do anything to get ready for bed. I slept really good that night compared to what I have been sleeping and I happened to wake up right on time (with out an alarm) for my Monday morning class. Which brings us back to the first picture. 

How was your mothers day?

Last movie you saw?


  1. Oh man, I remember those last few weeks of pregnancy all too well! Hang in there cute lady! Glad you got a milkshake, now I'm craving one and I'm not even pregnant. ;)

    1. Almost there! Milkshakes make everything better.