Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Starting out Spring Break

Spring break is here, and the weather has been perfect for it too.  Here are a few things we've been up to for spring break so far.

 The girls got Go Fish for Easter this year.  We've been playing a lot of this lately and I have to say that I can play this game a lot longer than Candy Land.

Does anyone remember this game?  We've been playing at my mom's house and right now M is really into Crossfire.  My brothers got this game growing up, it's another one that I can play and not get sick of as easy as others. It's amazing how many of our old toys are still holding up at my mom's house. The girls love to play with them and I don't mind it so much either. Every time M scored she would put her hands in the air and say "WOOHOO!"

Last night we grilled chicken for dinner. I really love it when it's warm enough to grill. Less dishes and super easy, yummy meals. We had leftover chicken so I made a salad for lunch today. I should have topped it with hard boiled time. 

J has been really into drawing on a white board lately. I noticed today that she has been drawing me with a big belly.  Soon she will have to change that and add a brother to her family pictures. I have been pretty impressed with her drawing skills though. 

J got a surprise hair cut. Probably about 6 inches gone! I love her with long hair, but she looks pretty dang cute with this short hair too. She begged me all morning so we called our hair lady and got her right in. She feels pretty grown up and cute with it. 

We have lot's more spring break-ing to do this week.  

Is it spring break where you are?

Do you have old toys that are still favorites?

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