Thursday, April 21, 2016

Some Pictures and Things From Yesterday

Yesterday morning, while J was doing homework and I was getting my todo list done, M disappeared. When I found her, I also found this. Luckily, they are old stickers that barely stick anymore. This is how our day started. Between this picture and lunch time, we also had 2 polly pockets break (not something I feel too bad about, but you know, the kids were kind of sad. Today they are playing with the polly's head and body separately and think its funny.) several wrestling matches to break up before someone killed the other, and 3 poopy diapers to change because M is in that stage between potty training and diapers where she won't go on the toilet but she doesn't want to go in her diaper. It leads to a lot of wasted diapers, and money. 

J celebrated her birthday at preschool yesterday.  Since her real birthday is in the summer time. We got to make a poster about her and take a special treat to class. She picked popsicles at the store the other day to take with her. She was also pretty excited about wearing this sparkle crown that is also her favorite color. 

After school our neighbors brought over a few oranges to share. They were massive! So I pealed one for me and the girls to share, and then I ate it all because it was delicious. I've talked about how I have a hard time sharing food before. It's a work in progress. 

While I was eating my orange, I looked down and noticed how sad my feet are looking lately. A little swollen and dry and needing a fresh coat of polish on my might be time for a pedicure, after all, I can't reach my feet anymore on my own. 

The girls wanted to go to the park yesterday afternoon, so we did. It was great weather. This picture was taken right before I gave M an under-dog on the swing and pulled something in my leg. The things that you can't do anymore when you're 32 weeks pregnant. I'm feeling a little old today waddling around. At least the girls had fun. 

I saw this on facebook after dinner last night. The last line made me laugh so I decided to share it with all of you. Yes I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and yes, I'm proud of it. 

Then we went outside to play while it was nice and warm still. Trev helped J play a little baseball, I was really surprised with how well she actually hit the ball. I sat in a chair and kicked the ball back and forth with M. It made me feel pretty lazy, but I couldn't do a lot of moving at that point. Hopefully this doesn't last long. 

Are you a Harry Potter lover or hater?

What's your favorite summer time fruit?

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  1. I'm impressed that your toenails are painted at all! And my feet are also looking like loaves of bread these days.