Friday, April 15, 2016

5 on Friday

 Here are a five things from this week:

When the girls are playing nicely and getting along! This is M telling J bed time stories.  They like to pretend that one is the mom and the other is the kid and make beds on the floor.  While this makes a huge mess, it's also worth it to see them not fighting all the time.

M was being way too quiet so I went to check on her, I found her doing J's puzzles. I'm very impressed with her finding all the right pieces and putting them together. 

But don't worry, about two seconds after the above picture was taken, there was a major meltdown over these stupid dolls. Who in the crap came up with these Polly Pockets? The old ones were much better since they came with an easy to carry house and didn't require clothes. Why did someone think that plastic/rubbery clothes on a plastic doll was a good idea? No child can get this on and I can barley get them on myself. It causes tantrums all over the world because the clothes won't go on right and you have to pull so hard they rip. Bad idea, Mattel. Bad idea. 

I saw THIS article on Facebook today and it made me happy. I've always had a huge belief in recess and PE, even if I hated it growing up. There's just so much evidence that kids preform better when they have breaks to be active. 

And lastly, I shared THIS lemonade a couple of days ago, but this has been my favorite Pinterest find this week. I highly recommend making it. 

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  1. Google carrot lemonade (recipe by Better Homes and Gardens.) It's our new favorite drink, but I put in less lemon juice than they say.

    Also, I hate Polly Pockets. Those clothes are ridiculous. Never bought one and never will!