Thursday, March 3, 2016

Warm Weather and a Small Run

There has been a lot going on the last day or so. I like when I can keep the girls busy and happy with fun things to do.

For starters, they fixed the treadmills again. Lets hope they stay fixed this time. This means I was able to get a good 2 miles in last night. It's normally pretty hard for me to listen to my body when it's time to stop, but being pregnant changes that. I know it's time to stop when my calfs tighten up and I feel like I might have a potty accident.  2 miles seems to be the magic number for those things to start happening.

After a morning of playing with toys, a bubble bath, and me getting lots of blogging stuff done, we went to Costco with Trevon. We needed to renew our membership and decided to stick around for lunch and do some shopping afterwords. I've never eaten at Costco before, and while the hot dog, sandwiches and pizza were all sounding great, I ended up ordering this salad. It wasn't a bad choice either.  Although Trevon's sandwich was pretty great too. 

After unloading our groceries and Trevon going back to work, we decided to meet my sister and my sister in law and their kids at the duck pond. It's been awesome weather here the last few days, and you can't pass up a day outside when it's like that.

Things went really well until M got too close to the water and fell in. She was not happy about that. I hope it doesn't make her hate going to the duck pond. 

Anyone have funny or traumatizing duck feeding experiences?

Are you a salad person?
  I'm not normally but it just sounded really good!

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  1. I love salads and eat one most days of the week even during the colder weather. I love that you can just throw in any number of delicious veggies and mix things up in endless ways!