Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend

We started our spring cleaning this week. We've actually been de-cluttering for several weeks now, but on Friday I started the deep cleaning process here. 

Then we got down to business messing our kitchen back up...Well, first my mom's kitchen and then we came back to mess ours up later. We had a lot of baking to do. Firstly, pie. My mom makes the best pie that you'd ever have. So I went to her house so she could supervise my pie crust making. After the pie crust is done, I'm pretty ok making the rest (as long as it's easy-ish pie). Just as a side note: the phrase "easy as pie" is inaccurate, because it's not super easy to make the perfect flakey pie crust and tastiest filling with out it being runny or, you know, not perfect. Anyway, the girls played while I made pie. One strawberry and one chocolate cream. They were super tasty.

We needed a break for a while after that so we went with my sister to feed the ducks. It was a chilly day, but at least it wasn't cold. Utah weather can't make up it's mind. This time of year is almost always unseasonably warm or freezing. (My poor apricot tree may not get any apricots again this year). It was a perfect break before going home and getting back to work in our own kitchen.

I'd also been asked to bring cookies to a different easter party and that we'd planned to take to our sunday school class so we made the normal chocolate chip cookies that are amazing. The girls watched a movie and I got 40 something cookies made. 

There was also a game of candy land somewhere in there. I can't even describe how sick of this game I am. 

We started Saturday morning off with coloring some eggs with cousins. The girls loved this and I love the eggs.  I'm getting real excited about egg salad sandwiches and all that stuff. 

Then we headed over to the Francis egg hunt. My uncle has been putting this on for a few years now and we've loved doing it. We let the kids do an egg hunt and then we all roast hotdogs and have a lunch. 

 Sunday morning the girls woke up to their easter baskets on our table. We didn't do dresses this year, but the girls both got these cute bows and hats, and stickers with notepads, plus candy.

I can't tell you how much stickers save me.  Any time I need the girls to be quietly entertained for more than five minutes at a time, I pull stickers out. We usually just get our sticker packs in the dollar section of Target too. 

My mom and J both have this thing where they can't not blink in a picture. That's ok, they still look good. 

After church, we had another easter egg hunt/ family party to go to. Stew and rolls and pie for desert. And the girls loved doing another easter egg hunt. 

See, blinking again. Anyway, after that, we headed over to their grandpa's house for dinner.  I'm pretty sure we hit the candy jackpot.  This is a really good thing for bribing the kids to get things cleaned up, but I have to pace myself or this whole basket would be gone by the end of the week.

Who had more than one Easter egg hunt?

What's your favorite/least favorite easter candy?
  Favorite: probably the mini Cadberry eggs. Least favorite: Peeps...ew. 


  1. My favorite Easter candy has always been Cadbury eggs. I think I heard that they recently changed the recipe or something, and they don't taste quite as delicious this year. Not cool, Cadbury!

    1. I haven't noticed a change in taste but that's just me. I've been eating them like crazy

  2. Candyland is the worst! I cheat to lose - anything, just to end the game!