Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Things I Gave Up as a Mom

When I became a mom, there were a lot of things I gave up. Not all of them are for the worse. Most of the time, I don't even think about these things being things that I gave up. And when I do think of these things, I feel strongly about how I wouldn't trade them for my kids any day.

1. Music. I still listen to music, but most of the time, we listen to what the girls want to listen to. Because when the girls are happy in the car, or dancing to princess songs while I get something marked off my to-do list, that makes me happy.  I get really sick of hearing princess songs. Like really sick of it. But it's always better than the fits, nagging and crying I could be listening to instead. Once in a while, I even sing a long with them.

2. Privacy. It doesn't matter what your kids are doing, the second they hear the bathroom door close, they are either knocking on the door, reaching under the door, yelling at you or (if you fail to lock the door) walking in on you. They say it helps with potty training though, so let's just hope that's true.

3. Quiet. Kids are loud. But that's a good thing. When they are being loud, I know they are having fun. I've always liked back ground noise anyway. And at the end of the day when they are in bed, I hate when it's too quiet for too long.

4. Food. Any time I have a little treat for myself, or meal for that matter, it never fails that one of the girls wants a bite. I used to be an I-don't-share-food kind of person. But that had to change pretty fast when the kids came a long. Most of the time I don't mind sharing it now. And if I do want my own food, I have to hide myself in the pantry while I eat it. But at least I'm teaching the girls about sharing.

5.  Sleeping in. Some people's kids are really good about sleeping in, my girls are not. They are up between 6:30 and 7 every morning.  It  doesn't matter if we got them to bed late or they didn't take a nap, they can't sleep past that time. Which means I don't sleep in past then.  The good thing is that it gets me up and going and I don't have time to be lazy. It's also made me so used to waking up early that if I am lazy or sleep late, it makes me feel physically ill. So we count this as a good thing because of productivity.

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What are somethings you have given up when you became a mom?

What do you not even miss anymore?


  1. So true Jen! I've given up all those things! Another one, my TV shows. I'm always watching either Kid shows or my husband's shows.

    1. So true haha. Every time the tv is on its either what they want or what Trevon wants. Ok, maybe not all the time, but oat of it. So worth it though.

  2. Yes to all. Also, I gave up the right to be disgusted by anyone's bodily functions, no matter how disgusting.