Thursday, February 18, 2016

Valentines Tradition and Running

Well, for starters, it's been way too cold here. It was supposed to get up in the 40's all week last week, but because of our nasty inversion the sun never came through all the gross air to warm it up that much.  We had frost like this everywhere all day long. 

I went running a couple of times last week. I made it back up to 2.5 miles. Pretty good for being  23 weeks pregnant.  

Since I've been pregnant, my calves are super tight when I run.  So this is my current favorite stretch. Letting my heel hang off the side of the treadmill. This stretch is great for helping prevent lots of injuries too. 

How was everyone's Valentines day?  I've never been a big fan of valentines. I feel like after elementary school it's just a big competition for who gets the most stuff.  I try really hard to have a good attitude and make it fun for my kids though. This year, I made a million sugar cookies and it took me all day long. Next year I'm going to something like box brownies cut into hearts or something.  At least J had fun helping frost them and kick them. 

Trevon made it known to me that no one knows what kicking valentines is. It's just doorbell ditching treats at peoples houses. My grandma called it kicking valentines. Anyway, I always thought it was crazy that no one knew about this tradition because it was the only thing I really looked forward to on Valentines day growing up. 

Do you have any fun holiday traditions that no one else has heard of?

Whats your favorite holiday?
(mines the 4th of July)


  1. I've actually never heard of kicking Valentine's Day but that is really neat. I like it! I actually like Valentine's day a lot because it's a celebration of love and enjoyment (not just for a SOHO but for family, friends and of course yourself. Have a great weekend!

    1. I really thought it was the normal thing for people to do on Valentines day up until I got married and Trevon thought it was weird.

    2. Well, it's nicer than leaving a flaming bag of dog poo at the doorstep, so Trevon should just get used to it!