Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Highlights From Last Week

 Do you guys ever look at the calendar and hope that there is something going on that week to look forward to?  I think I do this every week, mostly while I'm meal planning.  Usually, the things I look forward to are things that either give me a break, or mean I don't have to cook dinner once that week.

We had a few things to look forward to last week. First off, I planned running on Wednesday. I'm still figuring out the best work out schedule with this pregnancy. But Wednesday worked best last week.

Clearly, Wednesday was productive.  We did some shopping in the morning and some things around the house to help with that milage. I wish I could say that the whole 5 miles was running, but I can't. 2.25 miles was pretty good for being 22 weeks pregnant though. 

The next thing I looked forward to was Friday.  When I make plans like this, I don't normally tell the girls until it's almost time to go. I do that because otherwise I either get nagged all week long about it, or they get incredibly disappointed (as do I) and hard to work with if the plans fall through. But Friday we went out for a "special" lunch. We don't eat out hardly at all with the girls, and we never go to Mcdonalds. But this was important because the Mcdonalds prize in the happy meal right now, is Clark the Shark. 

Why is Clark so important? Firstly because these books teach some great things.  But mostly because my uncle is the illustrator. And he's a really awesome illustrator.  

They were more excited than they looked about this.  Sadly, M didn't get a Clark the Shark book in hers because they were all out. She got a Give a Mouse a Cookie book. We're ok with that too. 

After lunch, we went over to the Bean Museum (a free museum near us that has all sorts of animals to learn about).  It makes the afternoon much easier to get through when the kids are busy and happy.

The next thing we looked forward to all week was a little super bowl get together with my Father in Law. I made potato salad, pigs in a blanket and carmel brownies and he took care of the rest of the snacks. I ate incredible amounts of food and it was all delicious. Plus, we are Broncos fans, so the game was great.  My girls spent the rest of the night laughing and singing puppy monkey baby. Unfortunately they haven't forgotten about that one yet.

M, thought this wrapping paper roll made a really great camera. It kept her entertained for a while during the game. She kept walking around saying "cheese". 

Now on to this week. I am trying to look forward to Valentines day. Not my favorite holiday, but we are staying positive and going to keep things a little more simple this year. 

What were your highlights from last week?

Did you watch the super bowl?


  1. We are keeping Valentine's Day very simple as well. To be honest, I really enjoy having something (anything really) to look forward too each week. February is always a tough month for me because I don't like winter, cold or ice. There isn't normally a ton of exciting stuff going on.

    1. I'm with you there 100%. Winter needs to go! So making plans that I can look forward helps me stay out of the winter blues a little easier.

  2. I hardly ever tell the kids about an event until we're in the car on the way there! I've gotten in the habit and now that they're older I still sometimes forget to tell them ahead of time, and then I feel bad because their friend is like, "Are you coming to my birthday tomorrow?" and my kids are like, "Huh?"