Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fixer Upper Workout

So I'm sure you guys have all noticed how much I watch Fixer Upper. And that sometimes I work around it to do my workout so I can watch it. While watching it, instead of working out the other night, I felt a little guilty and decided to make a Fixer Upper work out. So today I'm sharing that with all of you. Feel free to modify anyway you want or need to! It's easier to workout when you make if fun for you. Fixer Upper is on HGTV on Tuesdays at 9PM/8c.

Every time there is talk about taking a wall out, or they actually take the wall out----- 10 push ups

Every time Chip & Jo get interviewed  ---- 10 sit ups

Every time they talk about budget -----  5 burpees

Every time we see the Gaines kids -----  15 jumping jacks

Every time Chip does something embarrassing/funny/gross...  -----  10 squats

Duration for demo day/ reveal day  ----  Wall sit

The couple chooses house #1 ----  10 Mountain climbers

The couple chooses house #2  -----  10 Cross Jacks

The couple chooses house #3 ----   10 plyo lunges.

What is your favorite show?

What do you do to work around not missing it?


  1. Do you seriously do burpees while 22 weeks pregnant?? I'm slightly further along than you, but still... Phillip jokes with me sometimes about doing burpees and we just laaaaaaugh and laaaaaugh...

    1. Not full on burpees at this point. I modify for the pregnancy. But with my last pregnancy I was in crazy shape and did full burpees until the week I had M. I just step out and take any jumping out of it for now.

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    1. I did a lot of fitness classes a few years ago and loved them but decided I wanted to spend money on more important things than a gym pass since I knew I could do the rest on my own. I loved those classes though. Thanks for reading.

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