Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cookies Instead of Workouts

All yesterday I had really good intentions on trying a new at home work out.  But the day didn't go quite as planned.

M and J played really well all morning. The other day they got this football balloon at our grocery store and this was their take on a football uniform to go with it. I was just really happy they were getting along.

Speaking of football, this picture perfectly describes my feelings on that commercial. I'm pretty sure my face looked just like that after seeing it. My favorite super bowl commercial was the doritos with the pregnant lady. Maybe it's just because I can relate to the pregnancy thing or something. 

So anyway, the day started out really well. We were getting everything done that needed to be done. I took J to school and M decided to skip the nap. So instead we went to Target for some Valentines shopping. Because of this, I didn't get my workout in at nap time liked I'd planned but I planned on doing it after dinner then.  I made this really yummy baked ranch chicken. It's pretty good stuff and my girls even ate everything with 0 complaining. This hardly ever happens so it needed to be documented.

J wanted to do her Valentines for her class party so we took a minute to do that. 

Then the girls got in the bath and I made cookies, you know, instead of working out like I'd thought. 

By the time I'd gotten the cookies cleaned up, and helped get the girls ready and in bed, it was too late for me to workout.  Instead I watched fixer upper on the couch. So tonight I'll make sure to get a run in before I start eating all the cookies from last night. 

What was your favorite super bowl commercial?

Anyone else fail on the workout lately?

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