Thursday, February 4, 2016

A few things from this week

Well, I've been a little bit of a slacker this week with blogging. We have done mostly just errands and chores and not much exciting so far, but hopefully more things will happen and we will have more to talk about.

Here are a few things that did happen lately though.

First, J found this magazine in the mail pile and started looking though it. There were a few graphic pictures that I had to explain to her after that. I threw the magazine away afterwords.  When she found out it was gone she was pretty upset. What 4 year old wants to study conception and birth? 

We went to do taxes at our tax guys house the other night. He had this fan in his office and I thought it was awesome. We want to do an airplane theme in the baby boys room, this was something I thought would make a great addition. Until I found out it was $300 to buy it. Never mind, maybe we will just paint the fan in there to look like an airplane. Or maybe we wont. 

Every winter something happens to our car, and it happened the other day.  One more reason to hate winter. It gets so cold that our car starts to freak out a little. Something about solenoids and stuff I don't really understand. We've been told that its something huge, we've been told it's nothing, we've been told we need to get fluids changed. I just want it fixed and fast and cheap. 

That's about all the news for this week so far. Have you had an exciting week? 

What's been the highlight of your week?

Are you living somewhere that is crazy cold or nice and warm?


  1. That sounds like me too. Sorry about the car...every winter something happens to my vehicle. This year I discovered a crack in my windshield last week. 400 dollars and a new windshield later, here I am...I hope that is it though.

    1. Winter is just hard on everyone and everything. I don't mind it up until Christmas time and after that I'm so ready for spring and warm everything. I dont know if you've ever seen What About Bob, (if you haven't you need to) but I keep saying to myself "baby steps to spring. Baby steps to spring."

  2. This week was kind of a rollercoaster for weather here. The first half of the week was like spring, in the 60s and beautiful. Then yesterday the temps dropped to freezing and we had a huge winter storm. I'm ready for spring too!

  3. Haha, I was just looking through that magazine with my kids at the midwife's waiting room the other week! My 2 year old loved it because he loves babies, and since there were about 400 pictures of babies on each page it kept him busy for a good long while.