Friday, February 26, 2016

Five things Friday

It's Friday! I'm linking up for Five for Friday this week.  So here are five things that happened this week.

  1. We started the week off on a great note with eating something other than cereal for breakfast. I made some blueberry muffins (from a box) and M ate 4 of them. Yes, 4 big sized (not bite sized) muffins. Still trying to convince J of something other than dry cereal for breakfast.

  2. Lots of playing happened in the mornings. We've been over this, I'm not the best play-make-believe kind of mom. Which sometimes makes me feel bad. I've worked on that a lot this week, since M always wants me to play too.

  3. We had an ice cream date with my mom this week. It was a great way to break up the week and have something fun to do in the middle of the week. Despite what M's face is showing, we all really enjoyed it.

  4. We got to go on a walk with my cousin and her kids this week. That's a sign of spring at our house! When it's warm enough to go out for walks. It was so nice to get adult interaction and we walked three miles that day. M and J both fell asleep during our walk. M stayed asleep when we got home and J went to her friends house to play so I got dinner ready with that little bit of spare time.

  5.  We were working out at the club house again this week, the power went off...again. See, they had this problem fixed for several months and everyone was happy. But for what ever reason, the decided to put it back to how it was before. So thank heaven for Grokker! We moved the work out to my house and did two 7 minute HIIT workouts instead of run. And it kicked our butts. 

    Because of this, we will also be using Grokker for our workout tonight, and probably most nights until they fix the clubhouse or it's warm enough/light enough to run outside in the evenings. That could be a long time.

    If you're wanting to join in for Five on Friday, Here are some great places to do so:

What are your highlights from this week?

What's the perfect running temperature for you? 
I like the warm, so I usually wait until its 55 or 60 degrees before braving the outside running.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Last Week's Happeneings

Last week was busy, but at the same time seemed a little bit uneventful.  On Tuesday night, we did get to go visit some good friends and let the girls play. It's always so fun to get together with them and visit while the girls are busy doing their own thing. But for the most part, the rest of the week looked mostly like this. 

This isn't something that I'm proud to admit, but I'm not one of those moms who like to sit on the floor and play dolls with my kids. I never have been. I'll read books to them, I'll color with them, I'll watch movies, workout, go on walks and errands with them. But for what ever reason it drives me nuts to sit and play with their toys for more than a few minutes. I've also always felt pretty bad about this, so this week I tried to enjoy it. I still don't enjoy it, and honestly, that's ok. They play well together and with other kids, and I try to teach them important things like cleaning up after themselves and other things like that. 

Right now one of the girls' favorite things to do is to put princess music on, pick a toy and dance with it. So we did a lot of that and playing with the doll house this week. 

 I've hit the stage in this pregnancy that I'm always hungry. I could eat all day long, seriously. It's not a great time of year to be doing that because instead of a lot of fresh fruit being on hand, we have a lot of chocolate and junk food. Luckily, Costco had a good deal on raspberries last week so I picked some up. Because raspberries on everything tastes great. Today, for part of my lunch, I had a bowl of raspberries with a little whipped cream on top. I'm also loving them in my cereal in the mornings or on some waffles or pancakes. Healthy, way more filling, and they hold me off longer than a piece of chocolate.

Not a lot of running happened last week. During the week my workouts happened at home, through Grokker, instead. Saturday I did get a couple of miles in, but they were hard miles. I started to feel like maybe I should be done running this pregnancy (not that 2 miles being 24 weeks pregnant is a bad amount), but then I saw this article and I decided to stop being so whiney. 

Sarah Brown is due with her first baby in March, and she's still training for this years olympics. You can read the full article HERE. Suddenly running a mile or two being this pregnant doesn't sound quite so bad. Of course you still have to listen to your body (which Sarah talks about) but working out is definitely not impossible while you're pregnant. 

Anyone have any healthy-ish snacks for me to try?

Who's excited for the summer olympics? What's your favorite event?

Of course I love to watch the running, but also the swimming and gymnastics have always been a favorite. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trying out Grokker

Today I'm excited to share with you all a great way to workout at home.  There are a lot of at home workouts and programs out there so there are several great options. Recently I started trying Grokker.

Grokker is a website that offers so many workouts, healthy tips and recipes for those trying to get in shape, keep in shape, or improve their lives through health. There are so many reasons that I'm loving Grokker, here are a few of them:

  1. I can workout anytime of the day in my own home.  Since Grokker can be used from your phone, tablet, computer, or tv (we use ours on our tv by streaming it through our chrome cast device), it's so easy to get a workout in when ever it works best in your day. I workout in the mornings, while my girls eat breakfast, while J is at preschool and M is napping, or at night after they go to bed. But there are some days that the girls want to do a workout with me, and in that case we can choose a great workout from the Grokker website that we can all do together.

  2. There are so many options that will fit everyones needs! They have everything from meditation and yoga with kids to high intensity cardio, workouts that require equipment or no equipment. They have a huge amount of videos with real personal trainers to teach you and guide you though your workout.
  3. They have a super simple way of tracking your workouts.  If you're someone who is driven by planning workouts and tracking your progress, Grokker is perfect.  You can find the workout you want, schedule it on your calendar, and set reminders to your phone so you know exactly what workout you're on for the day. After you finish, you can click the "I did this" button so you remember what you've done and where you are at in the program.

  4. The workouts all very in time. So if you only have time for a quick 10 minute workout, you can browse by topic, level, and duration. They have anything from 7 minute workouts to workouts that will last over an hour. No excuse of not having the time.

  5. You can interact with the trainers by leaving a comment on a workout video. They will answer questions and give you encouragement when you need it. 

And that's just a few things I like about Grokker. It's affordable too, only $14.99/ month. Thats less than some gym memberships. If you're thinking that Grokker is something you'd like to try for yourself, you can click HERE and get a 30 day trial for unlimited workout and meal planning videos for $1.

Do you prefer an at home workout or a gym workout?

What is your favorite type of at home workout to do?

There are affiliate links in this post, thanks for the support!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Valentines Tradition and Running

Well, for starters, it's been way too cold here. It was supposed to get up in the 40's all week last week, but because of our nasty inversion the sun never came through all the gross air to warm it up that much.  We had frost like this everywhere all day long. 

I went running a couple of times last week. I made it back up to 2.5 miles. Pretty good for being  23 weeks pregnant.  

Since I've been pregnant, my calves are super tight when I run.  So this is my current favorite stretch. Letting my heel hang off the side of the treadmill. This stretch is great for helping prevent lots of injuries too. 

How was everyone's Valentines day?  I've never been a big fan of valentines. I feel like after elementary school it's just a big competition for who gets the most stuff.  I try really hard to have a good attitude and make it fun for my kids though. This year, I made a million sugar cookies and it took me all day long. Next year I'm going to something like box brownies cut into hearts or something.  At least J had fun helping frost them and kick them. 

Trevon made it known to me that no one knows what kicking valentines is. It's just doorbell ditching treats at peoples houses. My grandma called it kicking valentines. Anyway, I always thought it was crazy that no one knew about this tradition because it was the only thing I really looked forward to on Valentines day growing up. 

Do you have any fun holiday traditions that no one else has heard of?

Whats your favorite holiday?
(mines the 4th of July)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fixer Upper Workout

So I'm sure you guys have all noticed how much I watch Fixer Upper. And that sometimes I work around it to do my workout so I can watch it. While watching it, instead of working out the other night, I felt a little guilty and decided to make a Fixer Upper work out. So today I'm sharing that with all of you. Feel free to modify anyway you want or need to! It's easier to workout when you make if fun for you. Fixer Upper is on HGTV on Tuesdays at 9PM/8c.

Every time there is talk about taking a wall out, or they actually take the wall out----- 10 push ups

Every time Chip & Jo get interviewed  ---- 10 sit ups

Every time they talk about budget -----  5 burpees

Every time we see the Gaines kids -----  15 jumping jacks

Every time Chip does something embarrassing/funny/gross...  -----  10 squats

Duration for demo day/ reveal day  ----  Wall sit

The couple chooses house #1 ----  10 Mountain climbers

The couple chooses house #2  -----  10 Cross Jacks

The couple chooses house #3 ----   10 plyo lunges.

What is your favorite show?

What do you do to work around not missing it?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cookies Instead of Workouts

All yesterday I had really good intentions on trying a new at home work out.  But the day didn't go quite as planned.

M and J played really well all morning. The other day they got this football balloon at our grocery store and this was their take on a football uniform to go with it. I was just really happy they were getting along.

Speaking of football, this picture perfectly describes my feelings on that commercial. I'm pretty sure my face looked just like that after seeing it. My favorite super bowl commercial was the doritos with the pregnant lady. Maybe it's just because I can relate to the pregnancy thing or something. 

So anyway, the day started out really well. We were getting everything done that needed to be done. I took J to school and M decided to skip the nap. So instead we went to Target for some Valentines shopping. Because of this, I didn't get my workout in at nap time liked I'd planned but I planned on doing it after dinner then.  I made this really yummy baked ranch chicken. It's pretty good stuff and my girls even ate everything with 0 complaining. This hardly ever happens so it needed to be documented.

J wanted to do her Valentines for her class party so we took a minute to do that. 

Then the girls got in the bath and I made cookies, you know, instead of working out like I'd thought. 

By the time I'd gotten the cookies cleaned up, and helped get the girls ready and in bed, it was too late for me to workout.  Instead I watched fixer upper on the couch. So tonight I'll make sure to get a run in before I start eating all the cookies from last night. 

What was your favorite super bowl commercial?

Anyone else fail on the workout lately?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Highlights From Last Week

 Do you guys ever look at the calendar and hope that there is something going on that week to look forward to?  I think I do this every week, mostly while I'm meal planning.  Usually, the things I look forward to are things that either give me a break, or mean I don't have to cook dinner once that week.

We had a few things to look forward to last week. First off, I planned running on Wednesday. I'm still figuring out the best work out schedule with this pregnancy. But Wednesday worked best last week.

Clearly, Wednesday was productive.  We did some shopping in the morning and some things around the house to help with that milage. I wish I could say that the whole 5 miles was running, but I can't. 2.25 miles was pretty good for being 22 weeks pregnant though. 

The next thing I looked forward to was Friday.  When I make plans like this, I don't normally tell the girls until it's almost time to go. I do that because otherwise I either get nagged all week long about it, or they get incredibly disappointed (as do I) and hard to work with if the plans fall through. But Friday we went out for a "special" lunch. We don't eat out hardly at all with the girls, and we never go to Mcdonalds. But this was important because the Mcdonalds prize in the happy meal right now, is Clark the Shark. 

Why is Clark so important? Firstly because these books teach some great things.  But mostly because my uncle is the illustrator. And he's a really awesome illustrator.  

They were more excited than they looked about this.  Sadly, M didn't get a Clark the Shark book in hers because they were all out. She got a Give a Mouse a Cookie book. We're ok with that too. 

After lunch, we went over to the Bean Museum (a free museum near us that has all sorts of animals to learn about).  It makes the afternoon much easier to get through when the kids are busy and happy.

The next thing we looked forward to all week was a little super bowl get together with my Father in Law. I made potato salad, pigs in a blanket and carmel brownies and he took care of the rest of the snacks. I ate incredible amounts of food and it was all delicious. Plus, we are Broncos fans, so the game was great.  My girls spent the rest of the night laughing and singing puppy monkey baby. Unfortunately they haven't forgotten about that one yet.

M, thought this wrapping paper roll made a really great camera. It kept her entertained for a while during the game. She kept walking around saying "cheese". 

Now on to this week. I am trying to look forward to Valentines day. Not my favorite holiday, but we are staying positive and going to keep things a little more simple this year. 

What were your highlights from last week?

Did you watch the super bowl?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A few things from this week

Well, I've been a little bit of a slacker this week with blogging. We have done mostly just errands and chores and not much exciting so far, but hopefully more things will happen and we will have more to talk about.

Here are a few things that did happen lately though.

First, J found this magazine in the mail pile and started looking though it. There were a few graphic pictures that I had to explain to her after that. I threw the magazine away afterwords.  When she found out it was gone she was pretty upset. What 4 year old wants to study conception and birth? 

We went to do taxes at our tax guys house the other night. He had this fan in his office and I thought it was awesome. We want to do an airplane theme in the baby boys room, this was something I thought would make a great addition. Until I found out it was $300 to buy it. Never mind, maybe we will just paint the fan in there to look like an airplane. Or maybe we wont. 

Every winter something happens to our car, and it happened the other day.  One more reason to hate winter. It gets so cold that our car starts to freak out a little. Something about solenoids and stuff I don't really understand. We've been told that its something huge, we've been told it's nothing, we've been told we need to get fluids changed. I just want it fixed and fast and cheap. 

That's about all the news for this week so far. Have you had an exciting week? 

What's been the highlight of your week?

Are you living somewhere that is crazy cold or nice and warm?